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Brave - Behind the Scenes video
Brave - behind the scenes video

Behind the scenes of Disney•Pixar's magical Scottish adventure

Scene from Brave - Merida follows a wisp with standing stones and tall trees in the background
Merida follows a wisp

Trailer for Disney•Pixar's Brave

Discover Scotland's myths and legends - Brave
Brave ››

Explore the Library of Scotland

  • Brave's Merida takes part in a playful swordfight with her dad
    Merida playfully battles with her father, King Fergus

Disney•Pixar’s mythical adventure has its European premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in late June, and will be shown in cinemas spanning over 70 different countries in 2012.

Appearing in theaters all across the globe over the next few months, Brave is undoubtedly Pixar’s most ambitious project yet. The story of fiercely free-spirited Scottish archer Merida, the animated extravaganza will close out the 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival on 30 June, before being released in British cinemas on 3 August. Many theatres will also be showcasing Brave in dazzling Disney Digital 3D™.

Here is a list of all the release dates confirmed so far…

UK and Republic of Ireland dates

 Scotland (3 August)  Northern Ireland (3 August)  ROI (3 August)  England (13 August)
 Wales (13 August)      


 Australia (21st)  Bolivia (21st)  Malaysia (21st)  Ecuador (22nd)
 India (22nd)  Indonesia (22nd)  Kenya (22nd)  USA/Canada (22nd)
 Taiwan (23rd)  Trinidad (27th)    


 Vietnam (6th)  Argentina (12th)  Chile (12th)  Israel (12th)
 Paraguay (13th)  Netherlands (18th)  Peru (19th)  Brazil (20th)
 Colombia (20th)  Mexico (20th)  Japan (21st)  Belgium (25th)


 France (1st)  Phillippines (1st)

 Switzerland (1st)

 France (Swiss speaking 2nd)
 Germany (2nd)  Hungary (2nd)  Austria (3rd)  Bulgaria (3rd)
 Estonia (3rd)  Iceland (3rd)  South Africa (3rd)  Uruguay (3rd)
 Singapore (8th)  Bosnia (9th)  Hong Kong (9th)  Thailand (9th)

August continued

 Latvia (10th)  Lithuania (10th)  Spain (10th)  Egypt (15th)
 Jordan (15th)  Bahrain (16th)  Czech Republic (16th)  Lebanon (16th)
 Portugal (16th)  Qatar (16th)  UAE (16th)  Panama (17th)
 Poland (17th)  Romania (17th)  Slovakia (23rd)  Finland (24th)

August continued

 Denmark (30th)  Norway (31st)  Sweden (31st)


 Italy (5th)  Serbia (6th)  Turkey (7th)  Greece (20th)
 Slovenia (20th)  Korea (27th)