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  • Rock Rose Bramble
  • Rose Rock Gin is produced in Caithness in the North Highlands and uses a blend of traditional and local botanicals to create a zesty and berry-flavoured gin.
1 Cocktail


Servings: Cocktail


  1. Juice the lemon into a small jug.
  2. Crush enough ice to over fill your glass by about 1/3 again.
  3. Into the cocktail shaker put in 35ml Rock Rose Gin, 15ml elderflower cordial, 25ml fresh pressed lemon juice - but don’t shake it yet!
  4. Fill the glass as high as you can with cracked ice to make a mound of it above the top of the glass. Shake your cocktail shaker and strain this mixture over the ice carefully. Give this is stir and add more ice to get back your mound shape.
  5. Drizzle a tiny bit of crème de mûre (10ml approximately) over the top of the drink – be careful not to overdo it!
  6. Slice a wedge of orange or create an orange twist and, along with a sprig of rosemary, add to the glass. These garnishes compliment the Rock Rose Gin brilliantly.

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