Andrew Fairlie: Potato & Beremeal Pancakes

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  • Potato & Beremeal Pancakes
  • By Chef Andrew Fairlie, Restaurant Andrew Fairlie, Perthshire
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
4 10 minutes 20 minutes




  1. Mix all dry ingredients and eggs together and then add the milk gradually.
  2. Drop tablespoon amounts onto a slightly oiled hot skillet and cook for 90 secs on both sides.
  3. Allow pancakes to cool slightly and then top as generously as you wish with Katy Rogers crème fraîche and thinly sliced Marburry smoked salmon from Vincent and Ruby Marr.
  4. Sprinkle with finely chopped pepper dulce from the Isle of Bute that has been hand foraged by our friend Iain McKeller.

Recipe notes

Featuring ancient ingredients like beremeal flour from the only working watermill on the island Orkney, and the very best hand-smoked salmon from Galloway in the south of Scotland, this is Andrew Fairlie's take on classic blinis, inspired by great Scottish ingredients.

Andrew is one of Scotland's most celebrated chefs and, with two of the highly coveted Michelin stars, his exquisite Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles is a sumptuous setting for a meal that will live long in the memory.

To visit Andrew Fairlie's own website please go to for more information including menus, booking requests and gift vouchers, or for more inspiring pancake recipe ideas, check out our Cook like a celebrity: great pancake recipes from your favourite Scottish chefs page.

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