Shetland Ponies – Now with added dancing!


So, we thought putting Shetland ponies in cardigans was a fun way to show off a bit of Scottish nature. Well, mobile operator Three have gone one step further and made a video of one – dancing. Needless to say the results are pretty spectacular (and Shetland doesn’t look bad either!). Check it out below for the perfect start to your Friday. In the meantime, we’re away to dust off our old Fleetwood Mac vinyls…

Oh and remember - Shetland really is a wonderful place to visit, so go there and meet a Shetland pony for yourself. We can’t promise it will dance, but maybe one of the locals will…


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Richard Kelly

Richard enjoys mountain biking, and getting out into Scotland's great outdoors.

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  • Cottages in Scotland

    Such a fun advert and Shetland looks fab too!

  • Sulinar

    Wonderfully done!

  • Spa Travel Gal – Ava Roxanne

    So cute!
    Wonder what’s next?