Scottish Borders 9-hole Circuit

The majority of the golf courses in the Scottish Borders have extended to 18-holes over the years. However, you can still find some challenging 9-holes courses that are in excellent condition.

Golf ball on tee

Lilliardsedge Park Golf Club

Lying on A68, approximately five miles south of St Boswells, Lilliardsedge Park Golf Club is the newest 9-hole course in the Borders. The course is part of the Lilliardsedge Holiday Park and boasts stunning views of the Border hills.

View of two golfers on St Bothwells Golf Course

St Boswells Golf Club

St Boswells Golf Club lies in a tranquil setting beside the River Tweed. The course is an enjoyable test for golfers of all abilities and one of the less physically demanding courses in the area.

Golf ball on tee

Lauder Golf Club

The golf course at Lauder lies on a gentle sloping hillside and offers great value for money. From the green, golfers are treated to stunning views of Lauder and Lauderdale, stretching from Soutra Hill in the north to the Eildon Hills in the south.

Golf ball on tee

Innerleithen Golf Club

The 9-hole course at Innerleithen lies in the peaceful valley of the River Leithen. The course is a great place for spotting bird wildlife with sightings of dippers, oyster catchers and buzzards regularly reported by golfers.

Golf ball on tee

Melrose Golf Club

The oldest of all the 9-hole courses in the Scottish Borders, Melrose Golf Course has 11 tees, tree-lined fairways and bunkers on eight holes. The course is situated in a beautiful location at the foot of the Eildon Hills.

Selkirk Golf Club, Scottish Borders

Selkirk Golf Club

Lying just off the A7, Selkirk's 9-hole course is a fantastic heathland course that is laid out across Selkirk Hill with panoramic views over the Border countryside.

Golf ball on tee

Newcastleton Golf Club

Newcastleton's golf course sits on the side and on the top of Holm Hill, from which there are picturesque views over Liddesdale Valley and Newcastleton . It is well-known for its small greens, making putting challenging.