Activities in June

If you think you might have some Scottish blood in you, why not take some time to discover your family history or research your clan links? Tracing your family history is a great way to connect with your own personal history. Research can take you on a journey of discovery that leads you to explore the lives and times of ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago.

Retracing the footsteps of your ancestors will bring the past to life, and will also make your homecoming a dynamic and unique experience. There are great resources available to help you explore your roots, from specialist research websites holding birth, marriage and death records, to the National Records of Scotland. Many libraries across the country hold past newspapers and photos or you can dive into old Parish records to discover baptisms, weddings and burials from the past.

Whether you have Scottish ancestors or not, why not discover what happens at a clan gathering? In June you can visit the 2014 Clan Lachlan International Gathering and Strathlachlan Community Festival at Castle Lachlan in Cairndow, Argyll and discover the history and heritage of this ancient clan.

Join in with cultural activities, including demonstrations of the Highland sport, shinty, sheepdog trials and watch local pipe bands and highland dancing, or stroll through stalls to see local arts and crafts, take part in whisky tastings and browse through local produce.

Taking place around Scotland throughout the summer months, Highland games provide a unique combination of culture, sport and social entertainment. From traditional heavy athletics like tug-o-war and caber tossing to Highland dance competitions, piping, and field and track events, Highland games are a must-see addition to a Scottish holiday. A full programme of Highland games takes place in small towns and villages across the country as well as those within the grounds of famed castles, so there are plenty to choose from.

Highland games attract competitors from around the world, as well as locals - why not join in yourself? The games are a spectacle like no other set against beautiful Scottish scenery with colorful dance displays, local produce and an exciting atmosphere.