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Brave - Behind the Scenes video
Brave - behind the scenes video

Behind the scenes of Disney•Pixar's magical Scottish adventure

Scene from Brave - Merida follows a wisp with standing stones and tall trees in the background
Merida follows a wisp

Trailer for Disney•Pixar's Brave

Discover Scotland's myths and legends - Brave
Brave ››

Explore the Library of Scotland

  • Brave's Merida attempts to break up an argument between King Fergus and the Lords
    Brave - Merida, Fergus and the Lords

Watch footage from Brave's Edinburgh premiere and behind the scenes videos, which pull back the curtain on this bewitching, Scotland-inspired animation.

Brave trailer

A peak at Disney•Pixar's epic new Scottish-set animated adventure.

Brave UK advert

Watch the latest ad for the film and discover how you can win a legendary trip to Scotland.

Brave Edinburgh premiere

Watch interviews from the film's stars as Brave closes out the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Brave: Kelly McDonald Edinburgh premiere interview

The actress behind Merida's voice talks about her love of Scotland.

Brave: Kevin McKidd Edinburgh premiere interview

The actor behind Lord MacGuffin discusses the effect Brave could have on Scottish tourism.

Brave: Craig Ferguson Edinburgh premiere interview

The comedian reveals his favourite Scottish places.

Brave: Robbie Coltrane Edinburgh premiere interview

The Cracker actor describes how Disney•Pixar captured the spirit of Scotland in Brave.

Brave: Mark Andrews and Katherine Sarafian Edinburgh premiere interview

The film's director and producer talk about falling in love with Scotland.

Brave: Julie Fowlis Edinburgh premiere interview

The Gaelic singer tells of how Scotland constantly inspires her music.

Brave: Behind the Scenes Featurette

The team at Disney•Pixar lift the enchanted lid on the making of Merida's adventure.

Brave: B-roll footage part 1

Watch Brave's talented group of Scots actors recording their lines.

Brave: B-roll footage part 2

More footage of Brave's cast in the recording booth.

Brave: B-roll footage part 3

The final part of Brave's actors going through their lines for the film.

Brave: Triple Play Featurette

A special feature focusing on Merida's wee triplet brothers.