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Check our seasonal calendar to inspire your Scottish holiday at any time of year. Filled with ideas to help you plan your trip, let us help you get the most out of Scotland whenever you intend to visit.

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Wild April

April is the perfect time to go out and explore the natural heritage of Scotland. There are plenty of places to enjoy Scottish landscapes and wildlife and there's no one better placed to advise on the best natural experiences in Scotland than Caroline Warburton, an expert in Scotland's diverse wildlife and their habitats. Every time she gets out into the natural environment she's reminded: "What a wonderful job I have!"

Activities April

Activities in April

Why not explore tranquil landscapes and remarkable wildlife on a trip through Scotland’s National Parks?

Events in April

Events & Festivals in April

Spring festivals feature Scotland's nature, the Arts, history and culture

Flora & Fauna in April

Flora & Fauna in April

Spring is a wonderful time of year to discover Scotland's varied wildlife

Food & Drink in April

Food & Drink in April

Get a taste of Scotland with iconic jams, cakes, buns and other sweet treats

Kathleen MacInnes

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