Food & Drink in August

As well as being known for such delicacies as seaweed-fed lamb and haggis, Scotland produces some of the world's best beef thanks to generations of breeding and raising livestock. There are numerous breeds that are raised on Scotland’s green pastures, each known around the globe for its succulent meat and distinctive flavour.

The majority of beef in Scotland is traditionally produced from cross-breeds, with the selected Scotch Beef breeds being, for instance, Aberdeen Angus and Highland Cattle. Aberdeen-Angus is arguably the best known breed of cattle from Scotland, renowned for the rich and tasty flavour of the meat which makes first-class steaks.

Another of Scotland's oldest and best known breeds is the Highland, affectionately known as the ‘Heilan’ coo’. An iconic national emblem with its thick coat of red hair and horns, it is thought that the original stock may have been brought to Scotland by the Celts. They can survive the rigours of winter in the mountainous Highlands and islands of Scotland, meaning that their meat is lean and succulent with a distinctive flavour.

When buying beef, look out for Scotch Beef which holds the coveted PGI Promise (Protected Geographical Indication).  It's an EU scheme that identifies high-quality products which are unique to a particular region. Restaurants which stock it promote it clearly on their menus so you can be sure you’re eating the best of Scottish beef.