Flora & Fauna in August

Scotland's moorland provides a wonderful natural habitat for black grouse, pheasant and myriad other creatures. Criss-crossed by tracks and trails, our hillsides in late August are in full bloom with valleys and glens covered in the gentle violet hues of heather and the combination of birdsong, stunning views, and fluttering butterflies really shouldn't be missed.

Over on the west coast, minke whales can be found around the Isle of Mull and the Hebrides, with orcas also regularly spotted. Further north in the waters off Shetland, humpback whales can be found playing close to the shore.

Back on the mainland, look out for red squirrel litters, red deer calving and osprey chicks during the summer months. Speyside and Perthshire are key areas where these newborns can be found.