Events & Festivals in February

For centuries, Scots have emigrated around the globe and established communities that have proudly maintained this link to their homeland while forging new identities in their adopted countries.

To celebrate this, the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry has been created over the last two years by volunteers in 25 countries around the world, depicting the experiences of migrant Scots over the centuries. Over 200 embroidered panels will come together in February and tour the country until November, as part of the Year of Homecoming Scotland 2014.

The creation of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry started in 2012, with contact being made with communities in 25 countries around the world. Each country has supplied stories of their Scottish connections and local volunteer stitchers to embroider up to 10 tapestry panels per nation. The project has also involved Scottish-based immigrant communities, working with them in parallel to create 'homeland' panels for the tapestry. Simultaneously, each of these communities has linked up with a Scottish partner community where the Diaspora stories are being celebrated in range of artforms and projects.

In early 2014, the panels will arrive in Scotland, ready to be assembled and finished for presentation and for the celebrations to begin. The programme of events will range from large-scale exhibitions and performance festivals to much smaller, community-based celebrations. At each and every one, people from around the world will be warmly welcomed home to Scotland and celebrated for their creativity and skill.

Be sure to check out our Homecoming Scotland section for details of all events and activity in 2014.