Food & Drink in July

Scotland’s food and drink offerings are world-class and one of the best ways to sample our flavours is to visit a farmers’ market. Many towns and villages across the country hold monthly, sometimes weekly, markets where you can buy delicious fresh ingredients, from seasonal fruit and vegetables, to home-baked breads and good,s and farm-reared meats to fresh and smoked seafood.

Food markets are great places to try regional produce. Visit Blairgowrie Farmers’ Market in Perthshire in July and try soft berries which are grown in the area, such as strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. You might also be able to pick up another berry-based regional product, Cairn o’Mohr Fruit wines. At Angus Farmers’ Market, which alternates between the towns of Forfar and Montrose, you can pick up a regional delicacy, the famous Arbroath Smokies, from family-owned company Abroath Fisheries.
You can also pick up preparation and cooking tips from the producers themselves, and sometimes local chefs host culinary demonstrations. As well as food and drink, you might find local arts and crafts, such as pottery, woodcrafts and photographs.

In addition to farmers’ markets, you can often get delicious produce close to the source. Visit dairies, such as Cream o’Galloway in Dumfries & Galloway for delicious ice cream or Fife’s St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company for full flavoured Red Anster.  At Inverawe Smokehouses near the village of Taynuilt in Argyll pick up delectable smoked treats, including award-winning smoked salmon.