Food & Drink in November

As winter approaches, what better way to start your day than with a warming bowl of porridge, a dish traditionally made with oatmeal, water and salt? It is now becoming more popular to make porridge with milk and you can also add a sweeter flavour with the inclusion of dried fruits, honey or sugar.

Scotch broth is a particular favourite and regularly features on autumn and winter restaurant menus as the perfect starter. It can be made with or without meat alongside lots of seasonal root vegetables and seasoned with black pepper. A perfect winter warmer!

During late autumn, chestnuts will have fully ripened and can be used in a number of dishes. They are naturally sweet and can be enjoyed roasted on their own, or even crushed and combined with cream to be used in a variety of puddings and cakes.
Menus are also bursting with game meat throughout the autumn months which include grouse and pheasant and venison.

As Scotland celebrates its national day, St Andrew’s Day on 30 November, mouth-watering food and drink will be served up across the country. Look out for traditional haggis and an unrivalled selection of whiskies.