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    There are over 100 islands in Shetland stretching over 100 kilometers of the Atlantic. There's over 1,000 miles of road too so it's an interesting cycling destination. It's difficult to get far from the sea; everywhere there are long sea lochs or voes and long ridges. The cycle routes here are designed to help you explore the most interesting parts of the islands.

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    Shetland is also part of the North Sea Cycle Route. This is a long distance bike route in Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. This is now signposted in Shetland and could be useful to link up many of the routes described here. Sometimes the routes described here also follow the North Sea Cycle Route.

    Shetland was ruled from Norway from the 9th century until 1472 when it was transfered to Scotland. This long period of Viking domination is reflected in many of the place names. During the 10th century the Vikings adopted Christianity and stopped placing gravegoods in their burial chambers, but despite this quite a number of Viking artefacts can be seen in the Shetland Museum.

    Shetland doesn't have the same number of outstanding prehistoric remains as Orkney, the building stone is less suitable, but there are still many interesting things to see, houses and tombs that give an insight into a way of life that existed here up to 5,000 years ago.

    There are plenty of roadside telephones and toilets around the islands and a huge choice of accommodation ranging from bods (camping barns), a youth hostel in Lerwick, through numerous B&Bs, to luxury hotels. There is a bike shop which also does cycle hire in Lerwick. As in Orkney there are very few trees so cycling can be quite exposed - proper waterproof clothing is advised. The volume of traffic is reasonably low, even on many of the main roads, so this makes cycling a pleasure. One hazard in the spring is lambing time - you can be sure that if a lamb and its mother are on opposite sides of the road the lamb is going to run in front of you as you approach!

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