Events & Festivals in September

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge, this festival takes place in and around the famous bridges across the Firth of Forth. There will be a big party in the stately Hopetown House, a boat flotilla, a special ancestry day and much more. For those who like adventure there will even be a chance to climb to the top of a bridge tower.  Join the torchlight procession and watch the great fire and light show which will bring the festival to a close.

The Braemar Gathering is a traditional Scottish event which has been going for hundreds of years. Since 1832 it has regularly been attended by the Chieftain of the Braemar Gathering, also known as the reigning Monarch, or a representative. Her Majesty The Queen undoubtedly loves this grand event at which athletes compete in track and field events. The event will also include competitions between top pipers, Highland dancers and even a team tug-o-war competition.

Another special event for September is the 40th Ryder Cup which is returning to Scotland, the Home of Golf, for only the second time in its history.  Europe will be looking to retain the trophy they won so spectacularly in 2012. There will also be an opening concert in Glasgow featuring both Scottish and American stars, which is expected to be a fantastic evening out.

In Edinburgh, visit ‘Tumadh: Immersion’ by Dalziel & Scullion, part of Generation: 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland. The work contrasts the Isle of Lewis with the city of Edinburgh (322 miles apart) and explores the geology, culture, weather, botany and wildlife of the Outer Hebrides (until 13 September).