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A couple gaze out over Edinburgh from Calton Hill
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Guy Grieve - Owner Ethical Shellfish Company

I’m Guy, I am the founder, along with my wife, of a fishing company that is guided by an ethic of respect for the marine environment. I dive fish for King Scallops off the coast of the Isle of Mull. What I love most about my life in Scotland is the nature here and this makes me happy. Our island home is like a boat on the great Atlantic. This is Britain’s last great wilderness yet the human history is rich and I find it fascinating seeing the marks left on the land by our ancestors.

Guy Grieve
King Scallops on Mull
Fresh seafood

Given Guy’s profession as a diver for King Scallops off the coast of the Isle of Mull, it is not surprising that his favourite Scottish food is a seared dived King Scallop. not to be missed!

Lady Claire Macdonald - Scottish food ambassador

Lady Claire has a very busy schedule. She is the author of several best-selling cookbooks and holds lectures around the world. She appears in numerous television and radio broadcasts, delivers cooking courses and is also the chef at the award-winning Michelin-star Kinloch Hotel on the Isle of Skye, which she runs with her family. Despite all this success, the mother of four has kept her feet firmly on the ground. "With all the fabulous Scottish natural produce, it doesn't really take much to prepare some delicious dishes and I want to share the experience with people."

Lady Claire
Taste of Grampian

Get a taste of Scotland at one of the many food and drink festivals such as the Taste of Grampian. This one-day event in June invites you to taste high quality products from the north west of Scotland.

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A Scottish smokehouse in Ullapool

From Achiltibuie reaching out in a westerly direction, small side streets wind up to the tiny settlement of Altandhu. Here, smokehouse fish, meat and game are smoked in the traditional Scottish manner.

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Sample the flavour of the Shetlands

Flavour of Shetland is a perfect way to experience the culinary delights and culture of the islands. "A fantastic event that showcases not only food and drink but also the music, art, crafts and culture of the island. At the time of the summer solstice, Shetland is a very special, magical place anyway. The sun shines 19 hours a day." explains Lady Claire.

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Tony Singh - Renowned chef

Tony's idea of ​​food is actually quite simple. "It's there to enjoy and share." At 16, Tony started his career as a chef in a pub. Later he cooked on board the Royal Scotsman luxury train and the Royal Yacht Britannia, after it anchored as a visitor attraction and exclusive venue in Edinburgh's port. Tony has co-owned several restaurants in Edinburgh and remains active in the media, presenting a delicious blend of Indian Sikh tradition and proud Scottish personality.

Tony Singh
The busy fishing port of Lochinver

Amid the spectacular scenery of Assynt is the busy little fishing port of Lochinver, which regularly holds a fish market. In addition, there is a pretty pottery whose craft shop is well worth a visit, and the award-winning Assynt Visitor Centre with the local landscaping and forestry service allows you to get an overview of the region.

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Delicious pies in Lochinver

The most delicious pies in the country and served in a friendly, simple bistro called "Lochinver Larder" - enjoy all kinds of gorgeous treats!

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Kathleen MacInnes - Gaelic Singer

I’m Kathleen, I’m a Gaelic singer. I am very fortunate with my work in music that I spend a lot of time travelling all over Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands. I will never tire of the stunning scenery I pass on my way to and from gigs! I love my work and feel blessed and very proud to be Scottish as it is such a beautiful country. I have the best of both worlds as I spend a lot of time on Scottish islands with work and I live in one of Scotland's largest cities so I enjoy city life in Glasgow with its parks and gardens, it's truly great galleries and museums, and its great food.

Kathleen MacInnes
Handcrafted smoked salmon
Smoked salmon

For Kathleen, Scotland’s seafood is second to none. “I like to pop into the Loch Duart Artisan Smokehouse at The Pier, Lochcarnan, when I'm home on South Uist to pick up handcrafted smoked salmon or ask about for local fishermen who will sell you a bag of crab claws to eat on the step with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset.”

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Kevin Reid - Technician at Strathisla Distillery

I’m Kevin, I work at Strathisla Distillery, a picturesque distillery on the famous Malt Whisky Trail in Speyside in the Highlands of Scotland, the only trail of its kind in the world. My job at the distillery is to operate all aspects of the distillery process from ordering the raw ingredients to dispatching the final product. I love living in the Highlands and I enjoy the quiet life. I am passionate about the outdoors and spend as much time as I can in the Scottish mountains where we have the best scenery in the world.

Kevin Reid
Speyside Whisky trail
The Malt Whisky Trail

More than half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries are situated in Moray Speyside. “Head north-east to Speyside and follow the Malt Whisky Trail – this will lead you to some of the best distilleries not just in Scotland but the world, including Strathisla Distillery.”

Julie Trevisan Hunter - Whisky expert

For Julie, the 'water of life' is her life. Julie is one of a select circle; a Keeper of the Quaich. The title honours those who have made ​​an outstanding contribution to the international marketing of Scotch whisky. Julie began her career as a guide at the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh's Royal Mile and today she is the Marketing Manager of the 5-star visitor attraction which, with 3500 different bottles, houses the world's largest collection of Scotch whisky. Julie sees this variety as being the secret to the success of the Scottish national drink. "Everybody is different, but there is something in Scotch whisky that appeals to us all."

Julie Trevisan-Hunter
The Scotch Whisky Experience
Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

On a trip to Scotland, whisky lovers shouldn't miss out on the Scotch Whisky Experience, where Julie works. To complete the tour, she recommends a visit to Amber restaurant, where you not only learn about the most famous product in Scotland, but also accompany it with excellent local food.

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The hidden whisky cave at Calgary Bay
Calgary Bay

Haunn near Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull has breathtaking views across the Sound of Harris, which separates the Isles of Harris and North Uist. A high bank below the southern cliffs leads to a waterfall, from which you can take a zigzag path up to the abandoned ruins. If you're lucky, you may even discover the hidden whisky cave, which it is thought once served as an illegal whisky distillery.

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Duke of Argyll - Chief of Clan Campbell

The relatives of the Duke and Duchess could easily populate a small country. There are estimated to be around 5 million members of Clan Campbell worldwide and the 13th Duke of Argyll is the Clan Chief. He is also a whisky ambassador and owner of Inveraray Castle, on Scotland's west coast. During the summer, the estate employs a staff of 150 employees. Despite their busy schedule the Duke and Duchess enjoy their work: "For us, our work is both a gift and a responsibility."

The Duke of Argyll
The Scottish Seafood Trail
Seafood Trail

For seafood lovers, the Scottish Seafood Trail is an absolute must. It connects eleven top culinary locations on the west coast. "So, should you be in the mood for our delicious seafood, then you know where to find it", recommends the Duchess.

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Speyside Whisky Festival
Speyside whisky

In May whisky lovers can get their money's worth at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival. As an ambassador for two whisky brands, the festival is a 'must visit' event for the Duke, but he copes with aristocratic dignity. " A fabulous festival: whisky, food, music, traditions and culture - I wish I had more duties of this kind!"

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Gary Forbes - Professional golfer

Gary is a lucky man. He has turned his hobby into a career and is the club pro at Murcar Links, a championship standard golf course north of Aberdeen. Here he gives lessons, sells golf products and takes care of the members as well as visitors from around the world. They come in droves to meet the challenge of the picturesque but by no means easy-to-play course. Gary recognises his fortune in being able to go to the same place both for work and leisure, but Gary is far from resting on his laurels. "It is impossible to be satisfied with your own play when your toughest opponent awaits you in the bathroom mirror every morning."

Gary Forbes
Follow the Whisky Trail
The Malt Whisky Trail

For the whisky lovers among you, Gary recommends the whisky trail in the Spey Valley. The unique route winds through the woods and gorges of the Spey Valley and combines the beautiful landscape with world famous malt whiskies and characteristic distilleries."

Hazel Campbell - Painter

Hazel finds inspiration on her doorstep since her favourite subject is the landscape of Dumfries and Galloway. "Look around you, art is already there, all you have to do is to get it onto canvas!" Southwest Scotland has inspired many renowned artists - for example, Hornel, one of the Scottish Colourists, who helped establish the town of Kircudbrigh's reputation as "The Artists' Town". As with the works of her predecessors, Hazel's paintings reflect a fascination with the variety of colours through the changing seasons, the play of light and the unique atmosphere of her home region. Hazel is an enthusiastic participant at the annual Spring Fling Arts Festival, where studios and art workshops open their doors to inquisitive visitors.

Hazel Campbell
The best pub on Islay

Visit the charming twin villages of Port Wemyss and Portnahaven with their charming cottages around the harbour and their tiny beach. The two villages share a church, the famous "church with two doors". The parishioners of Portnahaven enter the church by one door and the parishioners of Port Wemyss by the other! The best pub on Islay, the Tighe at Seinnse, is also here.

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Pretty Port Charlotte
Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte, with its whitewashed houses and Gaelic street names, is one of the prettiest coastal villages on Islay. There is a small pier as well as two small beaches where children congregate for swimming and games. The Port Charlotte Hotel is a charming property boasting an excellent restaurant serving local food and a friendly bar.

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Stevie Christie - Owner of Wilderness Scotland

Stevie lives in the Highlands where the great outdoors is on his doorstep. Stevie's company Wilderness Scotland is an award-winning tour operator which specialises in unforgettable outdoor experiences. Opportunities to explore Scotland's unspoilt nature are as diverse as the Scottish landscapes. You can hike, bike or explore the coast in a kayak, take the Munro challenge (282 Scottish mountains that are over 3,000ft high) or simply take a relaxing walk along a lochside. When asked for his recommendations for a short break in Scotland, Stevie's answer is quite simple: "Change your plans and stay longer!"

Stevie Christie
A Scottish evening in the Cairngorms
Cas Bar, Cairngorm

In summer, try a stylish evening in the Cas Bar at the summit of the Cairngorms. Enjoy a traditional three-course Highland buffet and then dance to the music of the ceilidh band. You can rely on the hospitable Scots to teach you all the steps! With its real wood fire, the bar is the perfect place to relax and admire the breathtaking views.

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