Scotland and the UK marked the start of the centenary of the First World War on 4 August 2014, a conflict which had a cataclysmic impact on millions of Scots, both in the service and at home, as well as those with links to Scotland around the world.

Scotland’s contribution to the British Armed Forces was considerable with the country sending 690,000 men to war. Estimates conclude that 74,000 never returned home, either killed in action or succumbing to disease, while a further 150,000 were seriously wounded.

The impact of this devastating loss of life was felt the length and breadth of the country, and today almost every village and town in Scotland has its own memorial to those who died.  

There were attractions and events across Scotland held until 1 January 2019 which commemorated the sacrifice of those who endured, fought and perished during this conflict, allowing the whole of the country and visitors the opportunity to learn more and reflect upon the tragic legacy of the Great War.