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9 must-visit places in Perth, as suggested by you

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Once upon a time, Perth was the capital of Scotland and a picturesque playground for kings and queens. Today, the city is laced with gorgeous city architecture, unrivalled surrounding landscapes and an intriguing royal history. The ‘Fair City’ of Scotland continues to inspire locals and travellers alike.

So, we asked you on Facebook and Twitter where they would take first time visitors to Perth, and we had an overwhelming response – thanks everyone!

Here are your top suggestions:

1. Kinnoull Hill 

Photo by Kristian Dela Cour via Flickr | Creative Commons

A Site of Special Scientific Interest, this hill is rated highly by locals as a hiking hotspot, and with good reason. Depending on your mood, a gentle or rigorous wander up this meandering hill rewards with sensational views across the River Tay.

2. Balhousie Castle 

Photo by Sandy Stevenson via Flickr | Creative Commons

This fortress serves as an alluring introduction to the rest of Perth’s history after living through centuries of turbulence. From the days of the Jacobites to playing a key role in both the World Wars, the castle is now the home of the elite military regiment, The Black Watch.

3. Greyfriars Burial Ground

Photo by Aaron Bradley via Flickr | Creative Commons

Nestled quietly in the centre of the city, this fascinating graveyard is adorned with some of the oldest monuments and headstones to be found anywhere in Scotland, such as the ‘Weeping Woman’ and the ‘Adam and Eve’ stones. Atmospheric tours of the graveyard are available, and give a fascinating insight into the livelihoods of former residents of the city.

4. River Tay

Photo © Kenny Lam /VisitScotland

There is nothing fishy about hooking a catch in the River Tay, which is widely regarded as one of the best spots for Atlantic salmon in Scotland. So, if you’re angling for a day on the water, cast a line on the banks of this peaceful river which flows gently through Perth.

5. Fergusson Gallery 

Photo © Kenny Lam / VisitScotland

The Fergusson Gallery is devoted to the work of the Scottish colourist, John Fergusson and his wife Margaret Morris, a modern dancer. Sketchbooks, costumes and photographs illuminate the fascinating lives and loves of these two remarkable artists.

6. Branklyn Garden

Photo  ©VisitScotland

Spring is here, so don’t despair – brighter days and warmer temperatures will soon be with us. So it’s time to skip amongst the floral oasis of Branklyn Gardens, which is only a short walk from the city and features many exotic plants from China, Tibet and Bhutan.

7. George Street  

Photo by Beth Moon via Flickr | Creative Commons

Why not find a unique little piece of Perth in some of the city’s independent shops? On George Street, you can find whatever you are looking for whether it’s beads, bikes, beans or buttons. The charming street is bursting with one-of-a-kind purchases, vintage finds, beautiful fabrics and fresh flowers. Don’t forget to stop for a delicious treat or a speciality coffee at Provender Brown, a fine food delicatessen.

8. River Tay Public Art Trail 

Photo © Kenny Lam / VisitScotland

Admire a collection of stunning public artworks along the River Tay Public Art Trail. Follow the artistic, natural and historical journey of the city and its river with sculptures placed in amongst glorious gardens and brightly-coloured riverside flowerbeds.

9. Salutation Hotel 

Photo by Aaron Bradley via Flickr | Creative Commons

Stay in a hotel that has welcomed guests since 1699. The ‘Sally’, as it is known locally, is thought to be one of the oldest hotels in Scotland and it was once the private house of the Murray family. It has even played host to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Don’t forget – there are plenty of other fantastic things to see and do in Perth and the surrounding area. Check out our website for more tips on free things to do in Perthshire, activities, attractions and much more!

If you’ve got any more suggestions, we’re all ears! Share your pictures and top tips with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.