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Blue bloods, barbarians and berbers

Arab man tends to camelDundee United’s fans are known as The Arabs* but who would have thought that their nickname was maybe more accurate than any of them realised.

ScotlandsDNA has just announced that they’ve discovered that around 1% of all Scots are descended from the Berber and Tuareg tribesmen of the Sahara (although they haven’t said whether there’s a concentration in the Angus region).

Other revelations from the groundbreaking research project analysing the genetic make-up of Scots include that 15% of men with the surname Stewart have regal blood coursing through their veins as they’re direct descendents of the Royal Stewart line while the ancestors of  the Maeatae, a long-vanished tribe who fought Roman legions in 208 AD can still be found living around the tribe’s homeland in Stirling and the foothills of the Ochils.

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* apparently, the nickname derives from the fact that the team’s early games were played on sand before a turf pitch was laid


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