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Make your friends jealous: A guide to taking the best Instagram shots of Scotland

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Want to get your Instagram going crazy? Here are our top 10 tips to get the perfect shot:

1. Find THAT spot for your castle shot

Eilean Donan is beautiful from many angles… and sometimes you don’t even need to leave your car!

2. Stop for a coffee

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Trendy café shots are great but why not get a take-away and really admire your surroundings?

3. Live life on the edge

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The small person/big landscape perspective works especially well around the coast… and Scotland has plenty of coastline!

4. Go it alone

Find that secluded beach and enjoy it!

5. Make the most of the weather

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You might’ve heard it’s not always sunny in Scotland but still lochs and low cloud make for some awesome reflection shots.

6. Frame it

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With castles, cathedrals and stately homes, you’ll not struggle to find a frame for your shot.

7. Hit the road

Plan a road trip… and remember to make time to stop and take in the views!

8. Meet the locals

Highland cows can be found throughout Scotland and if you’re lucky, they might be inquisitive enough to say “hello”.

9. Get some height

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Edinburgh is photogenic by day and night, so climb a hill to really admire the cityscape!

10. Look up

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Keep an eye on the aurora forecast and you might see the Northern Lights dance.

Don’t forget to share your amazing images from across Scotland with us on Instagram!