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9 reasons to picnic in Scotland this summer

North Berwick Law, East Lothian

Let’s admit it- who doesn’t like picnics?! There are very few of life’s pleasures that are as simple yet enjoyable as dining in the sun. What’s there not to love about sitting out in the countryside, revelling in some great company, munching on delicious food and listening to birds cheerfully chirping? If you combine all this with some physical activity – be it a brisk walk or pedalling – you can create a fun and healthy day out that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Need some more convincing? We give you 9 reasons to picnic in Scotland this summer.

1. A prescription for better wellbeing…

Picnic Area in Balmaha, Stirling

Sunlight is a known natural mood booster, and although sunshine isn’t always guaranteed during the Scottish summer, a breath of fresh air is always great for the soul. Pack a healthy picnic on your next outdoor adventure and discover a wonderful way to unwind away from screens, catch up with friends or just check in with yourself. So switch off and forget about the stresses of modern life! Luckily, we have lots of ideas for a wellness break with everything from walks in the wilderness to tranquil forest retreats.

2. It won’t break your bank…

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Dining out can often be an expensive experience, but the beauty of picnicking is that you can go as mad with the food and prep (or not!) as you wish. There are loads of simple, cheap ways to throw a picnic. Why not pick up some delicious local produce at a farmers’ market nearby?

3. They’re fun. And can be romantic…

Above Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

A simple picnic can be as much fun as an elaborate one. The sound of sizzling burgers on a grill… the sensation of a cool lemonade in your hand… kids kicking a ball around… picnics make a great day out. Or why not decide to hijack your partner and go on a road trip or add a little picnic flare to your next outdoor cinema date? Or even better – kick it up a notch with a picnic in the sky on a hot air balloon ride and wow your loved one with breathtaking views of the city below! Find more amazing unique experiences.

4. You set the rules…

Mull of Galloway, Dumfries & Galloway

Be as creative as you like. Pick a theme for your picnic, e.g. safari, and turn your ordinary day out into a wild adventure. Don your hats, grab a map, bring binoculars and go wildlife spotting into a ‘jungle’! If your party is by the water, have a pirate theme and go wildlife spotting or digging up buried treasures on and around the beach, or consider chartering a yacht or a boat and get your crew excited with a nautical theme picnic at the sea.

5. Unbeatable views. No question there…

Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris

Wherever you choose to spread out your blanket in Scotland – be it by the beach, high up in the hills, watching a game of golf or horse racing action, in a city park or a quiet corner in the grounds of a castle – the one thing that’s sure is that it will be in great surroundings – think lush, soft and springy, sun-warmed grass and a beautiful view.

6. Helping you reconnect with nature…

Ge Dha Mh Rtainn, near Horgabost, Isle of Harris

Leave the comforts of modern world behind and take time to experience the wonders of the natural world we are part of. Camping and glamping are a great way to do just that! You can work up an appetite before your picnic by going on a walk or a hike, exploring Scotland’s woods and forest, trying a new watersport, catching your own fish or even foraging for some wild food.

7. Better entertainment options…

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness

A picnic is about bonding, relaxation and some fun, and no picnic outing would be complete without a great form of entertainment. Enjoy laughing and playing games or exploring your surroundings, soak up the fabulous atmosphere of an outdoor music festival, or enjoy an afternoon full of toe-tapping music at a traditional Highland games.

8. Dress-down comfort…

Harris Tweed

That’s part of the beauty of a picnic – there’s no dress code! Heading out to the country fields or the edge of the woods? Keep your outfit simple, outdoorsy and fuss-free. Near a beach? Dress in something that can handle a little splashing around in the surf. For a more stylish expedition, consider an outfit that features some Harris Tweed – after all, the designs of this traditional Hebridean cloth is inspired by the landscape that surrounds them! And you can even take your shoes off, if you feel like it – you are at a picnic after all. Try that at a restaurant!

9. Because why not?

Lochore Meadows Country Park, Fife

So, why not venture out and breathe in some fresh air? Even if the temperature slightly drops, it’s the good company that makes a day. So round up your mates and start planning your perfect get-together in the great outdoors.

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