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Meet golf’s biggest tricksters – the Bryan Bros!

bunkerThe Bryans playing a bunker shot at the Old Course, St Andrews

Think you know what to expect with golf? Plaid trousers, tweed caps, knitted vests and sophisticated chit-chat tend to be par for the course with the sport.

Before you read on, leave your preconceptions at the door!

Wesley and George Bryan, two big-hitting brothers from South Carolina, made their maiden voyage across the Atlantic and arrived in Scotland this month, ready to showcase a new side of the game with their epic trick shots, pranks and unique celebrations. In amongst some of the country’s most iconic landscapes, the brothers got into the swing of things as they made their way around Scotland The Home of Golf.

DCIM100GOPROG0011651.The Bryan Brothers on Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The brothers began their quest in the capital city, visiting some of the Edinburgh’s most iconic features, from the tucked-away turrets of Edinburgh Castle to thrilling scrambles up to Arthur’s Seats summit. Of course, the city provided plentiful opportunities for a trick shot or two to be documented with GoPro footage, and there was no shortage of selfies along the way.

From Edinburgh, the duo travelled to the oldest golf course in the world at St Andrews, to the picturesque Urquhart Castle and immersed themselves in the sensational backdrop of the Cairngorms National Park.

The golf-obsessed Bryans are expert shot-makers. Their previous accolades include hitting shots from the top of moving golf carts and sending golf balls through basketball hoops. What did they do in Scotland, I hear you ask? Watch the video below, and see their journey through iconic Scottish locations.

You can also watch their Trick shots around Scotland video below, or see what the pair got up to during their Road Hole Challenge.

Are you itching to try some of these out on the course? Start planning your golf adventure now!

The brothers also managed to causes some mischief in St Andrews, at one of the oldest courses in the world, the aptly-named Old Course. This magnificent green has seen golfers play the game since the 1400’s. Watch the video and see what the Bryans got up to in a town with centuries of golfing history.

After their trip, we caught up with the duo to find out more.

Bryan Bros: Q&A

1)  What were you most looking forward to about coming to Scotland for the first time?

We were excited about visiting St Andrews, mostly because of the golfing history, prestige and traditions. The course was incredible! It was so much fun to play, especially with all the grandstands set up. Aside from golf, we couldn’t wait to explore Scotland for the first time and see all that the country has to offer.

A Bryan Bros selfie at the top of Arthur's Seat

2) What surprised you most about Scotland?

The castles surprised us, for sure!  When you walk around the structures, it really blows you away that they’ve existed for hundreds of years. They are visually stunning as well.

3) Who taught you to play golf?

Our father. He’s a golf professional, so basically from the moment we could walk, we started tagging along with him to the course. He’s the reason we still enjoy playing this awesome game!

4) How many golf balls do you think you’ve lost in your lifetime?

More than we’ve found on the course!

5) What will be your lasting memory of your visit?

We’ll remember five days of wonderful new adventures. Experiencing this trip together as brothers and getting the chance to play the course at St Andrews are memories that will last forever. The golf is unbelievable, but there’s so much more to discover. The castles, the mountains and the towns are all absolutely incredible.

A trick shot on the Old Course at St Andrews Trick shot on the Old Course at St Andrews

Don’t forget to check out the Bryans’ website, Bryan Bros Golf, for more tricks. Warning: it’s addictive!

What are you waiting for? Some of the biggest tournaments take place in Scotland every year, so there are plenty of opportunities to watch the world’s top golfers in action. Follow in the Bryans’ footsteps and plan a golf break to Scotland with our essential information and top tips.

Find out more about Scotland’s 550+ golf courses, and why not see if you can learn a gravity-defying trick yourself?


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