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Scotland meets Shakespeare: Discover Macbeth country this autumn

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At VisitScotland we’ve been busy immersing ourselves in all-things #Macbeth, A.K.A ‘The Scottish Play’, in the run-up to the hotly anticipated release of Justin Kurzel’s daring new adaption of Shakespeare iconic tragedy, starring Michael Fassbender as titular anti-hero, and Marion Cotillard as the scheming Lady Macbeth.

Shot partly on the breathtaking Isle of Skye, what better way to celebrate Scotland’s connection to one of Shakespeare’s greatest works than by bringing together its dramatic natural beauty and rich history with the Bard’s timeless words.


Skye rainbow V7

On  ruggedly beautiful Skye, it’s easy to imagine yourself transported back to the medieval Scotland of Macbeth. Explore more of the Highlands and find a land of Neolithic Standing Stones, crumbling ruins and atmospheric battle sites, all set against an awesome backdrop of mist-shrouded mountain ranges, empty beaches and lush forest.

Visit the City of Inverness and local towns and villages, and experience the thriving, bustling Highlands of today.

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Aberdeenshire and its north westerly neighbour of Moray, the ancestral home of the real Macbeth, is a place tantalising close to the dawn of civilisation. Boasting over 300 castles, more per acre than anywhere else in Scotland, the heart of ‘Macbeth country’ is positively saturated in history and legend.

But there’s more to Aberdeenshire than just Scotland’s only dedicated Castle Trail. Explore the economic powerhouse of Aberdeen, follow the world-famous Malt Whisky Trail through Speyside, have an adventures in the Cairngorms National Park, and fall under the spell of enchanting Royal Deeside.


Dunsinane Hill

Epic landscapes, like Dunsinane, are in no short supply in Perthshire. And the Birnam Oak – the sole survivor of the ‘moving’ Birnam Wood depicted in Macbeth – isn’t the only famous tree the regions can lay claim to either! Discover the many ancient and towering specimens of ‘Big Tree Country’ alongside charming villages, historic distilleries. From the remote wilderness of Highland Perthshire to the ‘Fair City’ of Perth, Perthshire is as diverse as it is beautiful.



Glamis Castle is just one of the historic gems you can visit in Angus. Step aboard the legendary RRS Discovery, marvel at the magnificent Arbroath Abbey, and ride back in time on the Victorian Caledonian Railway. A land of sweeping valleys, dramatic coastline and one of Scotland’s best small cities, Dundee, Angus triumphs in both scenic beauty and world-class attractions.

Argyll & The Isles

Bloody v4

Home to the tiny emerald Isle of Iona, the burial site of Scottish kings, is where Macbeth’s story comes to an end. Discover a more tranquil pace of life amid the epic beauty of Argyll and the Inner Hebrides with its soaring mountains, wind-swept beaches and mysterious glens. Step into a bygone age at places like Inveraray Castle and witness the time-honoured art of whisky-making at world-class distilleries.

As you can see, the land of Macbeth is filled with as much brooding drama and haunting beauty as the Bard’s oft-quoted play. Just have a look below.

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