Marko and Alex are two American brothers who love nothing more than exploring the world, ticking off their travel bucket list as they go. On their most recent visit to Scotland the brothers take a trip to the Shetland Isles to witness Up Helly Aa fire festival which celebrates the unique Viking heritage of the islands which dates back 1200 years.

Watch as they spend the day in Shetland's capital in Lerwick during the build-up to the evening festivities which culminate in a torch-lit procession through the town. Join Marko and Alex as they witness the local men make their way to the harbour dressed as Viking warriors where they set alight a beautiful hand-crafted Viking long ship.

After partying into the wee hours the Vagabrothers continue their journey through the islands which sees them explore ancient archaeological sites, meet adorable Shetland ponies and take in some of the most dramatic coastal scenery on earth.