Última actualización: 14:07 18/02/2019

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Informe completo de las condiciones de la nieve

Due to the continuing wild conditions, snowsports are cancelled for the day. Tomorrow's forecast is for winds to ease and temperatures of around +2.0 at base level. We still have snow to push around and keep a limited learners area in operation and we will have another update at 8.00 am tomorrow.

There are no lower temperatures in the forecast for the coming days at Base Station level, so the thawing snow pack will continue.

Due to the limited learners area we advise all our guests to please contact Guest Services on 01479 861261 (hours of business 9am to 4.30pm) to check on our daily availability. We presently have spaces available for Tuesday 19 February.

Cairngorm Team.

Condiciones climatológicas

Tiempo actual Southerly winds gusting to 60 mph at Base level with a temperature of +3.0

Previsión meteorológica Continuing high winds, heavy rain showers and temperatures of +2.0 throughout the day

Estado del telesilla

  • Snowbadger Trainer Rope TowClosed
  • Car Park T-BarClosed
  • Fiacaill Ridge PomaClosed
  • Day Lodge PomaClosed
  • Sunkid TowClosed
  • Coire Cas T-barClosed
  • M1 PomaClosed
  • Ptarmigan T-BarClosed
  • Corie Na Ciste T-barClosed
  • Polar Express Trainer LiftClosed
  • West Wall PomaClosed
  • FunicularClosed

Estado de la pista

  • Fácil
  • Intermedio
  • Difícil
  • Muy difícil
  • Itineraires
  • Snowbadger Learning AreaClosed
  • Car Park RunClosed
  • Car Park ShredClosed
  • Cottams WayClosed
  • BurnsideClosed
  • The SlotClosed
  • SheilingClosed
  • Home RoadClosed
  • Ridge RunClosed
  • Side SlopeClosed
  • Fiacaill RunClosed
  • Zig ZagsClosed
  • Gun BarrelClosed
  • Upper CasClosed
  • 105Closed
  • M1Closed
  • White LadyClosed
  • Fiacaill TraverseClosed
  • TraverseClosed
  • Ptarmigan BowlClosed
  • Ciste BowlClosed
  • Ciste FairwayClosed
  • M2Closed
  • Ciste GullyClosed
  • West WallClosed
  • Aonach BowlClosed
  • BynackClosed
  • RyvoanClosed
  • Over YonderClosed
  • No 1 GullyClosed
  • No 2 GullyClosed
  • Day Lodge RunClosed

Noticias de las pistas

We have a selection of events coming up for the new snowsports season, we'll update this website with more details soon.

The funicular railway is currently closed.