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Hora estimada de apertura
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Informe completo de las condiciones de la nieve

Closed for the season

Condiciones climatológicas

Tiempo actual Update in the morning

Previsión meteorológica Temp: 14 (Feels Like: 13C); Weather: Cloudy; Wind Speed: 9mph; Wind Direction: W; Wind Gust: 16mph.

Estado del telesilla

  • Funicular RailwayClosed
  • Car Park T BarClosed
  • Fiacaill Ridge PomaClosed
  • Sunkid MegastarClosed
  • Coire Cas T BarClosed
  • Coire na Ciste T BarClosed
  • M1 PomaClosed
  • Polar Express PomaClosed
  • Ptarmigan T BarClosed
  • West Wall PomaClosed
  • Day Lodge PomaClosed

Estado de la pista

  • Fácil
  • Intermedio
  • Difícil
  • Muy difícil
  • Itineraires
  • Ptarmigan BowlClosed
  • Terrain ParkClosed
  • Ciste FairwayClosed
  • Ciste BowlClosed
  • TraverseClosed
  • Coire CasClosed
  • 105Closed
  • ZigZagsClosed
  • Gun BarrelClosed
  • Chicken GullyClosed
  • Fiacaill TraverseClosed
  • Fiacaill PisteClosed
  • M1Closed
  • M1 105 LinkClosed
  • Side TrackClosed
  • White LadyClosed
  • SheilingClosed
  • The SlotClosed
  • BurnsideClosed
  • Home RoadClosed
  • Car ParkClosed
  • Fiacaill RidgeClosed
  • Side SlopeClosed
  • M2Closed
  • Ciste GullyClosed
  • West WallClosed
  • RyvoanClosed
  • Aonach BowlClosed
  • East Wall No 1 GullyClosed
  • East Wall No 2 GullyClosed
  • Over YonderClosed
  • Lady LuckClosed
  • East Wall of White LadyClosed
  • Day LodgeClosed
  • The Sheiling ShredClosed
  • Cottam's WayClosed
  • Cas ShredClosed
  • Half PipeClosed

Noticias de las pistas

From the 4th of June to the 4th July incl. the Funicular railway will be closed when we will be undertaking some major planned maintenance tasks. This work will involve the replacement of the Funicular Haul/Counter ropes, comprehensive inspections of the Drive/Counter Bullwheels and special inspections of the ABB Motor and Flender Gearbox. Engineers from Garaventa AG of Switzerland will directing the work supported by our own mechanical engineering personnel. In preparation, over the winter season a lifting frame was installed in the Ptarmigan building Plant room. This frame will be utilised to lift and suspend the Main Bullwheel allowing access to the critical components. As a consequence of these works, the Ptarmigan building will also be closed and exclusion areas around the Base Station building will be fenced off. The Storehouse Restaurant and Outfitters Shop will be open as normal as well as summer guided walks.