Última actualización: 05:00 17/03/2018

Hora estimada de apertura
Patrulla limitada

Informe completo de las condiciones de la nieve

SNOWSPORTS WINDS SPEEDS MAY AFFECT UPLIFT ON SATURDAY - UPDATES FROM07:30 PINEMARTEN CAFE BAR OPEN UNTIL 16:00 - serving lovely lunches, light snacks and home baking. Why not enjoy a walk or cycle and treat yourself to a warming drink and hearty meal or lovely sticky cake. Full snow cover on the mountain and some fresh snow has come in on the winds, full update on conditions once we can access the mountain. SNOWSPORTS SCHOOL and EQUIPMENT HIRE: You can reserve lessons and hire online, by phone and onsite. Snowsports Season Tickets Application form online and from the main Ticket Office. OPENING TIMES Gondola is open daily from 9am until 4.45pm (wind permitting)

Condiciones climatológicas

Tiempo actual CURRENT WEATHER TOP STATION: Low cloud and windy. WIND AND TEMPERATURE: SE 20-45mph, gusting 55-60mph, 0C

Previsión meteorológica WEATHER FORECAST: Sat 17 March Cloudy with patchy light snow showers on higher ground WIND AND TEMPERATURE: ESE 30-35mph gusting 60mph, -7C

Estado del telesilla

  • GondolaExpected to Open
  • Rope TowExpected to Open
  • Linnhe/Lochy ButtonExpected to Open
  • Alpha ButtonExpected to Open
  • Quad ChairExpected to Open
  • Goose T-BarExpected to Open
  • Summit ButtonExpected to Open
  • Warren's T-BarExpected to Open
  • Great Glen ChairClosed
  • Rob Roy T-BarExpected to Open
  • Braveheart ChairClosed

Estado de la pista

  • Fácil
  • Intermedio
  • Difícil
  • Muy difícil
  • Itineraires
  • SpectreExpected to Open
  • SpiderExpected to Open
  • Summit RunExpected to Open
  • Side WinderExpected to Open
  • Cats AlleyExpected to Open
  • Inside EdgeExpected to Open
  • Duncans DropExpected to Open
  • Goose GullyExpected to Open
  • LinkExpected to Open
  • SwitchExpected to Open
  • WarrensExpected to Open
  • FlightExpected to Open
  • Upper TraverseExpected to Open
  • Nid RidgeClosed
  • Nid WallClosed
  • Far WestExpected to Open
  • The FairwayExpected to Open
  • Easy RiderExpected to Open
  • Allt SnechdaExpected to Open
  • Alpha TraverseExpected to Open
  • Home RunExpected to Open
  • YockiesExpected to Open
  • Rabbit RunExpected to Open
  • GlaistigExpected to Open
  • AbhronClosed
  • Rope Tow RunExpected to Open
  • Rob RoyExpected to Open
  • Rob Roy's ReturnExpected to Open
  • ChancerClosed
  • Back TrackClosed
  • Yellow BellyClosed
  • Winger WallClosed

Noticias de las pistas

Snowgoose restaurant and bar open daily. We welcomed our first customers in the all new Pinemarten Cafe Bar. It's top notch, but don't just take my word for it, come along and see for yourselves. EVENTS Ski-An-Duro 17 Mar An exciting announcement from No Fuss Events…their first ever Ski/Snowboard and Mountain Bike Enduro race coming to Nevis Range, ‘Ski-An-Duro’ (Sgian-dubh-ro) – from the Summit of Aonach Mor all the way to the Pinemarten Cafe Bar at the Gondola base station. ** See website for full details of events ** MOUNTAIN BIKING Witch’s trail cross country routes, skills loops and onsite Bike School open all year. Red Giant, Downhill and Bike Hire closed for the season, reopen May 2018. TREE ADVENTURE Ropes courses in the forest now closed for the winter, reopen Spring 2018. 01397 705825 / www.nevisrange.co.uk.