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Travelling to Scotland - COVID-19 Key Tourist Information

Fully vaccinated

This means you have received your final dose of an approved Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days before you travel.

Approved vaccine sources are:

  • for the UK, vaccines approved by the NHS
  • for the USA, vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • for EU member states, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries
    Monaco, Androrra and Vatican City, vaccines that have been approved by European Medicines Agency (EMA). (Please note that other vaccines including the Sinopharm and Sputnik V vaccines are not accepted at this time.)
  • for Switzerland vaccines, approved by the Swiss vaccination programme

Read the Scottish Government information on the definition of fully vaccinated under their amber country list rules.

Pre-departure testing

Taking the test

  • Take the test in the 3 days before you travel to Scotland.
  • There are strict conditions on what type of test you should take - a PCR test meets these requirements, but check out the full details from the Scottish Government below.

Sharing the results

  • Your test result should be in English, French or Spanish.
  • You will need a paper copy of your negative test result, or the email/text message.
  • It should include your name, date of birth, age, result, date of test, name of company and name of test device.
  • Have it to hand when you board the plane, and when you arrive in Scotland.


  • Children under 11 do not need to take a pre-departure test.
  • Children aged 11 to 18 should take a pre-departure test.

Find more information on the pre-departure test from the Scottish Government.

Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

Filling out the form

  • You must complete the passenger locator form online in the 48 hours before you arrive in the UK. 
  • Each adult must complete their own form, but you can include any children under 16 who are travelling with you and staying at the same UK address.
  • You must show the form when you check in to travel and board your transport to the UK.
  • Before you fill out the form, you'll need to have to hand:
    • Passport details of the travel document you'll show at the UK border.
    • Travel details, including times and dates.
    • The UK address you'll be staying at.
    • The Test Reference Number of your on-arrival PCR tests.
    • The invoice number for your quarantine hotel (if you need one).
  • Once the form is completed, you'll receive an email with a QR code. This can be printed out or shown on your phone as proof of completion.

Your information

  • The information you give will be used to contact you if someone you travelled with develops Covid-19 symptoms. It may also be used to check you are following quarantine rules.
  • Your details will be kept for 42 days and then deleted.
  • If any information changes after you've finished, you must complete a new form.

On-arrival PCR tests within Scotland

Booking your test

  • Book through the CTM portal.
  • You should order your tests at least 3 days before travelling so you have a reference number for your passenger locator form, and to give enough time for the test to be sent to your Scottish accommodation, ready for your arrival.
  • You must have a confirmed invoice from the CTM booking before travelling to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
  • Order the test to be delivered to your first accommodation address of your trip.
  • For the purposes of the CTM booking portal, your "home" address is where you are staying in Scotland during your trip.
  • It will be provided by NHS Test and Trace. For any additional advice please call them from the UK on 119.
  • Once confirmed and booked, the test is non-changeable and non-refundable.
  • Please review the booking carefully to check it is accurate and correct, especially the UK address. Use capital letters when entering your UK postcode.
  • You will receive an email booking confirmation - this lets you know your request is now being processed.
  • You will then receive an email final confirmation and invoice. This confirms your booking has been accepted, and gives you a Test Reference Number to use on your passenger locator form. It will be sent to you from: 
  • The emails are proof of booking and purchase, so please keep them for reference. Check your spam or junk email folders if it doesn't arrive into your inbox.
  • Booking the test means that you have accepted the full terms and conditions of booking.

Taking your test

  • This test can be taken on your day of arrival in Scotland (day 0), first full day (day 1), or the following day (day 2). 
  • Your test kit will include full instructions and should be with you within 2 days of your arrival into the UK.
  • You should post your test back using a Priority Postbox.
  • You will receive your test results within 1-2 days, via text message or email.
  • If you are travelling from a green country, or an amber country and are vaccinated, you do not need to quarantine while you are waiting for the results.

If it's positive

  • You must self-isolate for 10 days.


  • Children 12 and over also need to take a Covid-19 test within 2 days of arriving.
  • Children under 12 do not need to take test.

Mesures de quarantaine après contact :

Si vous avez été en contact rapproché avec une personne ayant été testée positive à la Covid-19, vous n’êtes pas obligés de vous mettre en quarantaine si :

  • Vous avez reçu les deux doses d’un vaccin contre la Covid-19 depuis au moins 14 jours.
  • Vous effectuez un test PCR dont le résultat s’avère négatif.

Dans le cas d’enfants :

  • Les enfants âgés de moins de 5 ans ne sont tenus d’effectuer aucun test Covid ni de se soumettre à une quarantaine.
  • Les enfants âgés de 5 à 17 ans doivent effectuer un test PCR mais ne sont pas tenus de se mettre en quarantaine en cas de résultat négatif.

Leaving Scotland

There are no specific rules on taking tests before leaving Scotland, but you should check the restrictions in the country you are travelling to - either your own or the next destination on your holiday.

Other advice

How is a country reviewed as green, amber or red?

Decisions on countries/territories are taken by ministers who review risk assessments prepared by the Joint Biosecurity Centre. A country would be placed on the green list if presenting (with confidence) a low public health risk to the UK from all COVID-19 strains.