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Moine Mhòr National Nature Reserve

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Moine Mhòr is a nature reserve with a mixture of mossy hummocks and open pools rising in a shallow, peaty dome. Fast-moving hen harriers quarter the moss in search of prey whilst summer light catches on the glint of a dragonfly. In autumn, the reserve is dominated by the deep red tones of sphagnum moss, soaking up water like a sponge. Older than many of the standing stones in the surrounding glen, Moine Mhòr has locked many years of history into its silent layers of peat.


Itinéraires en voiture

From the A816 Lochgilphead - Kilmartin road, turn onto the B8025 at Slockavullin. The car park is two miles south of Kilmartin.

Itinéraires en transports publics

By Bike: The Kilmartin to Bellanoch section of the National Cycle Network Route 78 (Oban - Campbeltown) passes through the reserve.

On Foot: There are no nearby long distance walking routes. Visitors on foot can walk 1 mile from Kilmartin although there is no roadside pavement.

By Public Transport: There is a limited local bus service from Lochgilphead to Kilmartin which passes the reserve car park. The nearest train station is in Oban (33.8miles).



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