Dernière mise à jour : 16:35 22/02/2019

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Rapport complet sur les conditions de neige

All snow sports are closed due to lack of snow cover. High warm winds, with record breaking February temperatures have depleted the snow cover. We will have no lifts for snow sports until further wintry weather returns. The charts are showing some colder weather on the horizon at the start of May.

The Storehouse Café located in the Daylodge above the Mountain Shop opens daily at 09.00-16.30 serving breakfast, lunch, homemade tray bakes, snacks, hot and cold drinks.

Cairngorm Team.


Quel temps fait-il ? Strong SW winds gusting up to 50 mph at Base level and continuing very mild. currently +9C at the moment.

Prévisions météo Strong SW winds 60 mph gusting up to 80 mph on Summit and continuing very mild at 4C.

Etat de l'ascenseur

  • Snowbadger Trainer Rope TowClosed
  • Car Park T-BarClosed
  • Fiacaill Ridge PomaClosed
  • Day Lodge PomaClosed
  • Sunkid TowClosed
  • Coire Cas T-barClosed
  • M1 PomaClosed
  • Ptarmigan T-BarClosed
  • Corie Na Ciste T-barClosed
  • Polar Express Trainer LiftClosed
  • West Wall PomaClosed
  • FunicularClosed

Etat du parcours

  • Facile
  • Intermédiaire
  • Difficile
  • Très difficile
  • Itineraires
  • Snowbadger Learning AreaClosed
  • Car Park RunClosed
  • Car Park ShredClosed
  • Cottams WayClosed
  • BurnsideClosed
  • The SlotClosed
  • SheilingClosed
  • Home RoadClosed
  • Ridge RunClosed
  • Side SlopeClosed
  • Fiacaill RunClosed
  • Zig ZagsClosed
  • Gun BarrelClosed
  • Upper CasClosed
  • 105Closed
  • M1Closed
  • White LadyClosed
  • Fiacaill TraverseClosed
  • TraverseClosed
  • Ptarmigan BowlClosed
  • Ciste BowlClosed
  • Ciste FairwayClosed
  • M2Closed
  • Ciste GullyClosed
  • West WallClosed
  • Aonach BowlClosed
  • BynackClosed
  • RyvoanClosed
  • Over YonderClosed
  • No 1 GullyClosed
  • No 2 GullyClosed
  • Day Lodge RunClosed

Nouvelles des pistes

We have a selection of events coming up for the new snowsports season, we'll update this website with more details soon.

The funicular railway is currently closed.