Dernière mise à jour : 23:00 23/02/2018

Remontées mécaniques
Ouverture imminente

Rapport complet sur les conditions de neige

20 lifts are scheduled to operate depending on demand and weather conditions. Including Glas Maol. Snow will be hard to start softening as the day goes on. All runs are full width.


Quel temps fait-il ? overcast

Prévisions météo For Saturday. Same as Friday with 20 to 30 mph winds from the south. Low cloud in the morning lifting as the day goes on.

Etat de l'ascenseur

  • Cairnwell ChairliftExpected to Open
  • Claybokie PomaExpected to Open
  • Cairnwell T-barExpected to Open
  • Butcharts Access PomaExpected to Open
  • Butcharts T-barExpected to Open
  • Carn Aosda T-barExpected to Open
  • Dink Dink PomaExpected to Open
  • Plastic Slope PomaExpected to Open
  • Baddoch ChairliftExpected to Open
  • Sunnyside Poma 1Expected to Open
  • Sunnyside Poma 2Expected to Open
  • Sunnyside ChairliftExpected to Open
  • Cluny Poma 1Expected to Open
  • Cluny Poma 2Expected to Open
  • Tom Dearg PomaExpected to Open
  • Beag PomaExpected to Open
  • Caenlochan PomaClosed
  • Meall Odhar T-barClosed
  • Meall Odhar PomaExpected to Open
  • Coire Flonn Poma 1Expected to Open
  • Coire Flonn Poma 2Expected to Open
  • Glas Maol PomaExpected to Open

Nouvelles des pistes

Main, Cairnwell Café and Meal Odhar Cafe. Limited Sledging space is available to the South of Sunnyside.