Dernière mise à jour : 05:00 16/12/2019

Remontées mécaniques
Ouverture imminente
Nombre retreint de pisteurs

Rapport complet sur les conditions de neige

Gondola Uplift Gondola uplift has now finished for the season. We are closed for general winter maintenance from Monday 11th November - Sunday 15th December. We reopen on Monday 16th December. The ticket office is open from 8:30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday so don't forget to buy your snow sports season tickets now, online or at ticket office. On Thursday 19th December we open for snow sports (weather permitting), please make sure to check out our snow levels at this page and on our social media. Visit for more information. The Mountain At the Top Station you can relax in the Snowgoose Restaurant and Bar and enjoy the panoramic views at your leisure from the comfort of the restaurant or veranda or take a walk along the mountain footpaths to our scenic viewpoints. Treat yourself to some fresh baking and speciality coffee or a relaxed lunch, choose your designated driver and enjoy some of our local beverages. You can also purchase a memento of your visit at the gift shop.
At the Base Station you’ll find miles of XC cycling and walking trails to enjoy. After all this activity you can relax in the Pinemarten Café bar over home baking or a lovely lunch. OPENING TIMES Pinemarten Cafe: 10:00am - 4:00pm Gondola: Due to reopen on Monday 16th Bike uplift: Now closed for the season Tree Adventure: Now closed for the season For full details of all our opening times, activities and events please see the dedicated sections on our website or you can chat to a member of staff.


Quel temps fait-il ? WEATHER TOP STATION: Dry and cold WIND AND TEMP 650m: ENE 8-15mph, 1c

Prévisions météo WEATHER FORECAST: Snow forecast to fall overnight and over the weekend WIND AND TEMP 650M: SSW 10-15mph, 0C

Etat de l'ascenseur

  • GondolaClosed
  • Rope TowClosed
  • Linnhe/Lochy ButtonClosed
  • Alpha ButtonClosed
  • Quad ChairClosed
  • Goose T-BarClosed
  • Summit ButtonClosed
  • Warren's T-BarClosed
  • Great Glen ChairClosed
  • Rob Roy T-BarClosed
  • Braveheart ChairClosed

Etat du parcours

  • Facile
  • Intermédiaire
  • Difficile
  • Très difficile
  • Itineraires
  • SpectreClosed
  • SpiderClosed
  • Summit RunClosed
  • Side WinderClosed
  • Cats AlleyClosed
  • Inside EdgeClosed
  • Duncans DropClosed
  • Goose GullyClosed
  • LinkClosed
  • SwitchClosed
  • WarrensClosed
  • FlightClosed
  • Upper TraverseClosed
  • Nid RidgeClosed
  • Nid WallClosed
  • Far WestClosed
  • The FairwayClosed
  • Easy RiderClosed
  • Allt SnechdaClosed
  • Alpha TraverseClosed
  • Home RunClosed
  • YockiesClosed
  • Rabbit RunClosed
  • GlaistigClosed
  • AbhronClosed
  • Rope Tow RunClosed
  • Rob RoyClosed
  • Rob Roy's ReturnClosed
  • ChancerClosed
  • Back TrackClosed
  • Yellow BellyClosed
  • Winger WallClosed

Nouvelles des pistes

SNOWGOOSE RESTAURANT Open daily when gondola is open PINEMARTEN CAFE BAR Open daily GONDOLA - Annual maintenance The Gondola will be closed from the 11 Nov to 15 Dec inclusive The Pinemarten Cafe Bar will be open at the base station Mon - Sun The main office will be open Mon - Fri Nevis Range 30 Birthday Celebrations Sat 21 Dec ** See website for full details of events **