A drawing of the Loch Ness Monster


Great Ideas to Stay Entertained in Scotland During Covid-19

Although we may not be able to get outdoors and explore all the fantastic locations, attractions and scenery that Scotland has to offer in person, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy them from the comfort of our home.

This page is dedicated to bringing Scotland to you through creative ideas, delicious traditional recipes, fascinating history trips back in time, interactive eBooks, inspiring videos and lots more to keep you entertained! If you have visited Scotland before, we hope this page will bring back good memories. And if you have always wanted to visit, then read on for more ways to get involved with our beautiful country!

Here are just a few ideas we think you'll love:


A great one for the kids - why not get involved in NorthLink's colouring competition? Download the colouring sheet which encompasses the traditional Orkney folk tale of the Selkies from storyteller Tom Muir. Find out more and how to enter over on the Facebook post.

If that has spurred on the household creativity, what about trying out origami? It's a great little project to start and there are so many different things to create, you won't be lost for something to do.


Why not pretend you're out camping in the wilds of Scotland and set up your tent indoors? Or why not create a big cosy blanket fort with the kids? Explore our Sounds of Scotland interactive where you can immerse yourselves in the peaceful, realistic sounds that you can hear across Scotland's vast forests, mountains and coasts. It's a great way to chill out, disconnect from the real world and immerse yourself in the country's natural atmosphere.

Explore our Sounds of Scotland.

Brush up on your knowledge of Scotland's wildlife

Scotland is home to an incredible array of wildlife across our lands, seas and skies, so no matter where you end up exploring, you're bound to come across at least a few. Before you head back out into our lush landscapes, why not brush up on your knowledge of our infamous creatures? From the elusive pine martens, and fluffy red squirrels, to our friendly grey seals and soaring sea eagles, pick your favourite and get learning!

Discover our wildlife.


Just because you're inside just now, doesn't mean you can't still experience Scotland's majestic landscapes and wonderful wildlife! That's right, there are hundreds of webcams set up across Scotland to monitor various animal habitats and the growth and wellbeing of our native landscapes, a lot of which are available to you online.

Have a read of our Virtual Scottish Webcams for more information.

Speaking of virtual, why not head on an online tour of some of Scotland's iconic attractions?

Explore Scotland's Storybook Trail

Now is also a great time to get stuck into a good book or even take up reading again. For the little ones, our Storybook Trail has lots of Scottish inspired books to read whilst in your tent or blanket fort! Who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to write your own Scottish adventure story?

Discover Scotland On Screen

If you're a film fanatic you'll already know that Scotland has been a popular, scenic backdrop in a variety of blockbuster movies; from Chariots of Fire and Braveheart, to Outlander and James Bond. If you didn't know, then now is the perfect time to cosy into the sofa, grab a hot chocolate and get stuck into these incredible masterpieces.

  • Brave
  • The Little Vampire
  • Greyfriar's Bobby
  • Katie Morag
  • The Waterhorse
  • What We Did on our Holiday
  • Harry Potter series

Speaking of Harry Potter, why not bring Hogwarts home with the Wizarding World? Delve into the books and films by taking part in quizzes and games, learn more about your favourite Hogwarts House, join the Fan Club, download the Wizarding App and so much more!

Learn more about Scotland on Screen or why not head to our YouTube Channel to watch our inspiring movie playlist?