Big open spaces, the smell of fresh-cut grass and leafy green trees, and the sun on your face. Bliss! We may be living with ongoing restrictions in Scotland for a while, but now we're back out enjoying our towns, cities and countryside it's important to follow a few guidelines and keep it nice for now and future generations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it's important to remember that our open spaces may look a little different and we need to behave a little differently when we visit them.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code applies all year-round and offers some great tips and advice so that you can enjoy these spaces safely, and give their staff the time and space they need to look after them properly. There are three key principles to the code.

Look after yourself and your household

Although some restrictions have been relaxed, it is still very important to keep to the recommended 2 metre (6ft) distance from people outside your household. Whether you're exploring the streets and paths of our cities or wide open fields, there are some key things to remember.

Take responsibility for your own actions

Remember that the outdoors isn't risk-free and act with care at all times for your own safety and that of others.

Enjoy slow tourism: make use of walkways and local national walking and cycle routes across the country that are open for people to use, but be mindful of others that you come across and to keep the recommended 2 metre (6ft) distance. If you come across others and the walking path is narrow, be patient and allow others to pass safely.

Be careful when touching surfaces like gates – if the gate is closed, make sure to close it again after going through, use hand sanitizer, and wash your hands or gloves as soon as you get home.

Plan your visit: make sure you plan ahead for your trip. Check if the business is open and pre-book in advance. Look out for businesses who are part of the 'Good to Go' scheme, and are working hard to ensure your safety and welcome. It's also good to know which car parks are open again, which facilities have reopened, and which places are still closed to the public before you venture out.

Be mindful of closures: some spaces, paths and particular spots may still be closed. This is because staff have been unable to carry out their regular checks to ensure it's safe for visitors to use. If you see any closed signs, please respect these as it is not safe for you and your family to use them just now.

Stay safe: don't light bonfires and take care when lighting barbeques as these can easily get out of control. Take extra care around natural hazards and ALWAYS clean up after yourself.

Using public transport: capacity on public transport is limited due to the need to remain 2 metres away from anyone outside of your household, and masks are mandatory. Always consider your journey before you travel, think about the time of day and alternative ways to travel, or places to visit.

Water areas - it is always important to be mindful when around bodies of water. Scotland's countryside is home to many lochs, rivers, canals, and reservoirs which are a pretty sight to see but please be especially careful when exploring with young children and people who are unable to swim.

Please read and heed any water safety advice, guidance and signage where provided and keep yourself and other safe. Our coasts and waters are great places to visit for all the family, but make sure you plan ahead where appropriate. For more information, safety guidelines and helpful advice, visit

Mar Lodge Estate woodland

Look after others

What has been amazing about the last year, is how much we have all helped each other and supported friends, family and our communities when needed. Please keep that kindness going by considering how your actions affect others when out exploring Scotland.

Respect the interests of other people

Behave with courtesy, consideration and awareness. Respect the privacy, safety and livelihoods of those living and working in the outdoors, and the needs of other people enjoying the outdoors.

Manage your expectations: it is key to remember that now restrictions have eased, a lot of outdoor areas have not been operating for a while, so even when they re-open, staff will need time and space to check the access to some paths, clean and service facilities, and generally make sure the area is ready for visitors again. As this happens, it is important to be mindful and manage your expectations - be patient and allow staff to do their job before visiting the area.

Visiting smaller and more rural communities: please consider where you're going, and the facilities that will be available - smaller communities have less shops, petrol stations and toilets available, and those that are open will be small and may need to limit the number of people who use them at one time. Make sure you're not putting additional pressure on an area that may have a particularly vulnerable community or still be learning to operate post-lockdown. This is particularly true for Scotland's island communities, which are mainly accessible via ferry - which will have limited capacity due to physical distancing. Please consider the impact of your trip before you leave the house.

Tread carefully: you might find some of nature has gotten a little wilder due to the lockdowns, and has begun to reclaim its space and flourish in our absence. Please make sure you keep your dog on a lead if you are near farms or fields, to be sure not to disturb any animals or wildlife that you come across.

3 tips for farm walks:

  • Never feed farm animals.
  • Avoid entering fields with crops or animals.
  • Leave gates as you find them.

Nc500 Highland Cow

Look after the environment

Look after the places you visit and enjoy, and always leave the land as you find it. Our beautiful landscapes and historic monuments bring a lot of joy to those lucky enough to see them in person - make sure that continues to happen by never causing damage - intentional or accidental.

Remember to:

  • Always take your rubbish home with you.
  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Keep a safe distance from any land management operations.
  • Never intentionally or recklessly disturb or destroy a plant, bird, animal or geological feature.
  • Don't damage or disturb cultural heritage sites.

Read more about responsible tourism and take our promise to help protect Scotland.

What's Open now

A lot of Scotland's countryside locations may still be reopening. Please check facilities such as car park parks and toilets are available before you travel.

  • Public toilets - Most public toilets are currently open, but please check ahead before you visit. Or find a Lockdown Loo near to where you are visiting.
  • Public car parks - Almost all car parks have reopened, with normal charges applied. If you arrive at a car park and it looks busy, please have an alternative plan and go somewhere you can ensure physical distancing guidance.

Find out more:

Always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and enjoy our great outdoors - we're all very lucky to have them!