Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Scotland's iconic landscape with these stunning Scottish lochs that are within easy access of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Head out on a day trip to a few of these locations, or even just spend an afternoon exploring lochs near Edinburgh - they will leave you in awe of the country's beauty. As well as many lochs, you can also explore several of Edinburgh's reservoirs. Not quite the same as natural lochs, reservoirs are large man-made bodies of water that are used as a water supply, but are set in Scotland's scenic landscapes to blend in with the natural flora and fauna around them.

Elsewhere, lochs near Glasgow are some of the most iconic and famous in the country. Loch Leven and Loch Lomond, for example, have fascinating historic ties, world-renowned songs written about them and are popular tourist spots for exploring and walking. Strathclyde Loch even has its own country park and is home to Scotland's only theme park - perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Scotland's lochs are a great place to head for a peaceful wander, spot many species of wildlife and even try out a spot of fishing. Keep reading for just a few of the scenic lochs that are near Edinburgh and Glasgow that you can visit during Scotland's Year of Coasts & Waters.