Do you want to find out more about your Scottish ancestor and what their life was like in Scotland? Follow our simple step-by-step guide to researching your Scottish family history:

1. Make a family tree

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Call up your relatives, pull out the family photo albums and start jotting down what you already know of your family tree. This will help you figure out what you need to research.

2. Surf online resources

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Fill in the blanks in your family tree by searching online records of deaths, births and marriages in Scotland. You'll find a huge wealth of resources available online, such as ScotlandsPeople, National Records of Scotland and the Scottish Archive Network.

3. Check clan websites

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If you have a common Scottish surname in your family, you might find that your ancestors are listed on a clan website. Some have records dating back hundreds of years! You can find out what clan your surname belongs to on the scotclans website.

4. Join a family history society

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Joining a society based in your ancestors' region is a great way to meet other researchers, get tips and make use of great local resources. You might even come across some long-lost relatives!

5. Ask a professional

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If you've reached a brick wall in your research, why not bring in the experts? Professional genealogists will be able to help you dig even deeper and discover even more about your Scottish roots. 

6. Come to Scotland!

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Of course, the best way to learn about your Scottish roots is to come here! You'll be able to pour over records in excellent research centres, visit cemeteries, castles or churches, attend genealogy events, go to clan gatherings, and simply experience the land of your ancestors for yourself. There are a range of ancestral tours to choose from, including clan themed tours, bespoke private packages and historic day trips to help you