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Celebrate at Scotland’s Fire Festivals

Flickering flames, processions, marches, bonfires and more.
Revellers and performers at the Beltane Fire Festival on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

It’s no secret that Scotland has the best winter fire festivals in the UK, and some might say in the world. Well, we certainly won’t argue and are happy to go with the latter! Scotland has a long history of brightening dark winter nights with great displays of flickering flames, processions, marches, bonfires and more that will really warm your heart in the depths of winter.

Wrap up warm and take to the streets to join in age-old traditions, community gatherings, themed events, Hogmanay celebrations and more where you can marvel at flickering flames, raging bonfires, and witness seas of people carrying flaming torches. 

These fascinating displays become a true sight to see in the dark, but many of which derive from ancient traditions that were held to banish evil spirits away, but they were also a great excuse to throw a party to cheer up folk on chilly winter nights. 

Some events where you can experience these truly unique moments is the Samhuinn Fire Festival in Edinburgh to celebrate the Celtic New Year (or Beltane Fire Festival to celebrate the return of the summer in April), Comrie Flambeaux in Perthshire to fend off evil spirits, Stonehaven Fireballs in Aberdeenshire to welcome in the New Year, and Burning of the Clavie in Moray Speyside which dates back to the 1750s, to name a few.

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Beltane Fire Festival
Calton Hill,

Beltane Fire Festival