About whisky and the history of Scotch malt whisky

Whisky, Scotland's national drink, has been lovingly crafted throughout the country for centuries. There are over 100 working distilleries operating today (and counting!), each making whisky in their own unique way.

Learn more about the different types of whisky, find out how malt whisky is made and discover the history of this illustrious golden spirit.

Whisky tasting at Lindores Abbey Distillery

© Fife Council / Chris Watt

The history of whisky

How to properly taste whisky

Whether in a pub in front of a crackling fire or on a distillery tour, Scotch whisky is one of life's little pleasures. Maybe you've the refined palette of a connoisseur or have never tasted a dram before in your life. There is nothing like a proper tasting to unlock the secrets of a single malt. Read on for our top tips for tasting...

What types of whisky are there?

There are three different types of Scotch whisky: malt whisky (also known as single malt), grain whisky and blended whisky. But how do they differ?

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How is single malt whisky made?

Responsible drinking

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