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Iain R Spink with his Arbroath Smokies © James Fraser Photography
Arbroath Smokies

Iain R. Spink shows how he smokes on location in the traditional way.

  • Bill Spink producing a Scotttish delicacy, the Arbroath Smokie.
    Bill Spink producing a Scotttish delicacy, the Arbroath Smokie.
  • A worker at Salar Smokehouse, South Uist, Outer Hebrides
    A worker at Salar Smokehouse, South Uist, Outer Hebrides
  • A worker inspects a salmon fillet at Inverawe Smokehouse, Argyll
    Salmon Fillet, Inverawe Smokehouse
  • Fish being smoked during the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival at Portsoy
    Fish being smoked during the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival at Portsoy

Smoking fish has been a traditional technique used for centuries to cure fish and give it a deep smooth flavour and succulent texture. Today Scotland has many artisan smokeries and smokehouses producing some of the finest smoked salmon and smoked fish in the world.

You can purchase award-winning traditionally smoked fish from shops, farmers’ markets, fishmongers, speciality shops or directly from the producer. You will also find delicious Scottish smoked fish grace the menus in some of the best hotels and restaurants across the globe.

There are two traditional methods of smoking fish. The most widely recognised technique is cold smoking which involves curing fish in brine before smoking in a cool atmosphere, usually below 30 degrees Celsius. Hot smoking follows the same brining procedure but the fish is cooked during the smoking process.

Keep an eye out for traditional smoked fish dishes such as smoked salmon, one of Scotland’s best-known delicacies, and kippers which are cold smoked herring split in a butterfly fashion. Also look out for one of the country's most distinctive fish dishes the Arbroath Smokie, a hot smoked haddock smoked in the traditional way within an 8km radius of the east-coast town, and Finnan Haddies which are haddock that have been cold smoked to a pale straw-yellow colour.

Many artisan smokehouses also smoke shellfish, particularly scallops and mussels. The smoking process helps accentuate the natural sweetness of the shellfish while imparting a distinctive smoky flavour.

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  1. Stornoway Fish Smokers


    Smokeries & Smokehouses



    Famous Stornoway Kippers

  2. Dunkeld Smoked Salmon


    Smokeries & Smokehouses



    Springwells is a traditional and artisan smokehouse situated in the ancient cathedral town of Dunkeld on the banks of the River Tay, one of Scotland's most famous salmon rivers.

  3. Ardshealach Fine Foods


    Smokeries & Smokehouses



    An award-winning Smokehouse in the Highlands of Scotland, selling the finest quality smoked seafood.

  4. Teviot Smokery And Watergardens


    Smokeries & Smokehouses


    • 4 Visitor Attraction
    4 Visitor Attraction


    The Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens is a family run business located on the banks of the River Teviot in an 18th Century Coaching Inn.


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