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Quite often we get questions from our Facebook and Twitter community about the VisitScotland adverts shown on TV. Who narrates them? What music plays in the background? Where is that location? In January we launched the new ads for the Year of Natural Scotland 2013, a year that highlighSurprise Yourself Logots the abundancof natural assets we have here in Scotland. We thought we‘d take this chance to feature all the ads in one place and talk about some of the locations featured. So have a look at the new TV ads below, as they might surprise you!


The first ad highlights Scotland’s natural beauty in all of its many forms – we’re talking stunning landscapes, natural larder, native flora and fauna and so much more. If you’re a wildlife fan, why not take the opportunity to see the magnificent red deer up close, our largest land mammal seen in many regions throughout Scotland.

Year of Natural Scotland 2013 LogoSome of our attractions feature a unique blend of art and nature. A prime example is Andy Goldsworthy’s incredible Striding Arches, a truly unique structure consisting of three grand sandstone arches that rise majestically out of the landscape.

Another way to see Scotland’s natural scenery is by boat – hop aboard the Glen Massan and take in the remarkable scenery in Argyll and the Inner Hebrides.


The second ad shows a small snippet of the surprising views you’ll encounter when in Scotland. If the Isle of Skye is on your itinerary, you can look forward to seeing the natural wonder that is the Old Man of Storr, which was recently used in scenes for the 2012 blockbuster movie Prometheus.

Sometimes the best views in Scotland occur in a more intimate setting. If you like watching live music, head to King Tut’s in Glasgow, a venue with an unforgettable atmosphere where on any given night you could see world famous or up and coming bands.

You’re guaranteed a warm welcome in Scotland whenever you decide to visit. If you do arrive in time for our annual Hogmanay celebrations, the Stonehaven Fireball Festival is great opportunity to watch a unique display of people spinning fireballs down the town’s high street.

Get Around

The third ad focuses on the many different ways in which you can travel around Scotland. If you choose to see Scotland by air, why not take in the majestic views on board a Loch Lomond sea plane before it lands in Tobermory Bay?

Or maybe a road trip through the Isle of Skye is on your bucket list – after taking in the dramatic mountain scenery, dine at the internationally renowned Three Chimneys Restaurant, which prides itself on having a tantalising menu featuring the very best of Scotland’s natural larder.

Scotland has many castles, and what better way to see our historic attractions whilst on a hot air balloon ride – such as the one shown below to take in the dramatic Floors Castle in the Scottish Borders.

Want to see more? Here are some images of the surprising locations featured in the ads:

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    Love the Visit Scotland adverts – it’s great to know that bit more about the locations.

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    What’s the name of the band playing in Glasgow about half way through the ad

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    please can you tell me where the beach is 18 seconds into video also 19 and 20 seconds into video