Attractions in Shetland

Find information on attractions in Shetland that allow visitors to experience the islands’ outstanding natural heritage, culture and history.

Discover a diverse array of attractions ranging from galleries displaying local art and crafts, to fascinating museums and archaeological sites that bring Shetland’s captivating past to life, and secluded nature reserves where visitors can get up close to its remarkable wildlife.

Shetland boasts plenty of attractions that allow visitors to experience the islands’ outstanding natural heritage, culture and history.

The engrossing collections of the Shetland Museum and Archives provide a compelling insight into the islands’ past while the Scalloway Museum displays a dazzling array of artefacts that date from the time of the Vikings up to the Second World War. 

Shetland is home to some of the finest archaeological sites in the British Isles and includes the amazingly well-preserved Iron-Age village of Jarlshof and the highest prehistoric round tower in Scotland, Mousa Broch

Some of Shetland’s more recent but equally fascinating historic sites include the 18th century Fort Charlotte and the atmospheric ruins of Muness Castle and Scalloway Castle.

Discover Shetland’s proud creative heritage at galleries, studios and workshop scattered across the islands. Browse everything from hand-knitted Fair Isle jumpers to beautiful silver jewellery inspired by Nordic designs and artworks that reflect the islands’ unique landscape.

At Mareel, the UK’s most northerly creative arts centre, visitors can enjoy a superb year-round programme of film, music and exhibitions that showcases the very best of Shetland’s creative talent. 

There a plenty of opportunities for visitors to take in Shetland’s incredible array of wildlife. One of the best birdwatching destinations in the world, visit the fantastic nature reserves at Sumburgh Head, Hermaness and Noss. Sightings of free-roaming Shetland ponies, vast seabird colonies and the sound of seals ‘singing’ are just some of the unforgettable wildlife experiences that can be had in Shetland.

Discover the surprising number of lush gardens scattered across Shetland’s rugged terrain where all kinds of native and exotic flora flourish in spite of the islands’ high winds and dry soil.

There are also places where visitors can sample Shetland’s excellent local produce. Enjoy freshly-caught seafood in restaurants and visit distilleries to see where the islands’ uniquely flavoured ales are brewed.

With such a varied selection of attractions, it’s not hard to see why visitors choose to return to Shetland time and again.

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