Stags, Symbol of Scotland

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Western Ross

The Essence of Scotland

Scotland is a country that forever, you’ll love. Scotland has so much to offer. It is rich in history, beauty, culture and as we so passionately portray, craft.

The Essence of Scotland Tour will show you all aspects of Scotland whilst displaying why our countries craftsmen are so important through an authentic and vivid crafting experience.

  • Weaving magic on the Isle of Harris
  • Hands-on with a Warrior
  • Scotland's beautiful Nature
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting with Professionals
  • Roam wild in the Scottish Highlands on off-road routes
  • Enjoy the beauty of Loch Lomond
  • Uncover hidden gems of Edinburgh
  • Step back in time and explore ancient castles and whisky

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  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow


7 Days


  • Driver guide


  • Private


  • English


  • Ancestry
  • Castles
  • City
  • Family
  • Gin
  • History
  • Landscapes
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Photography
  • Whisky
  • Wildlife


The White Rose Guild

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The White Rose Guild

Immerse yourself in Scotland’s treasured craftsmanship. From each marvellous and mountainous peak to each rapid river, to the rich and vast forestry painted perfectly from a palette of bewildering and beautiful colours, hand-crafted by mother-nature. Read Less Explore the ancient and traditional crafts and the artisans who follow a long line of hard-working craftsmen and craftswomen who have shaped Scotland’s past, as each artisan you meet lovingly shapes Scotland’s present and future. Hear the stories that shaped this marvellous country, told with an undeniable passion for Scotland.


Monday 09,00-18,00
Tuesday 09,00-18,00
Wednesday 09,00-18,00
Thursday 09,00-18,00
Friday 09,00-18,00
Saturday 09,00-18,00
Sunday 09,00-18,00

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