Shetland otter bringing in a shore crab.
Shetland © Richard Shucksmith/Shetland Photo Tour

Otter Photography

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Shetland has the highest density of otters in Europe and probably one of the best-studied populations in the UK. This alone makes it one of the best places in Europe to see otters.

Photographing Shetland otters in Shetland offer a diverse and beautiful opportunity to experience stunning coastal scenery while exploring the coastline looking for and following otters. Otters are charismatic lovable animals, full of character and interesting behavior. They can be difficult to find, to follow and to photograph. However, Shetland has the highest density of otters in Europe and probably one of the best studied populations in the UK. This alone makes it one of the best places in Europe to see otters. What makes it even better is the fact that in Shetland otters spend a lot of their time foraging during the day, significantly increasing your chances of watching and photographing otters.

Number of people:

1-2 people otter photography cost £300. That is either £150 pp if there are two of you or £300 for one person.


1-4 otter watching cost £300 or the £300 split between 4 people.

To photograph otters the maximum group size is two and to watch otters the maximum group size is four. Group size is limited due to the sensitive nature of otters and to make sure everyone has a great experience.


Richard Shucksmith is offering you a unique personal experience to see Shetland Otters, one to one or as part of a small group. I am the guide, ecologist and tutor and depending on what you want from a workshop, it can be tailored to suit your needs. I spend hundreds of hours every year, photographing and observing Shetland otters and you can see a selection of images here, so I can advise and show you the best way to find and get close to otters, thus giving you great photographic opportunities.


Warm clothes, hat, gloves waterproof coat and trousers, sturdy walking boots/footwear. It is always best if you bring jackets and trousers that don’t make much noise when moving in them, soft, supple, quiet fabric for rustle free movement but if you haven’t got jackets like that it’s OK. The price does not include food or hot drinks, so please bring your own pack lunch and drinks.

More information:

In my opinion Shetland is the best place in the UK to photograph otters because of the density of otters living along the coastline, often multiple family groups. The coastlines are also excellent for photography.  Having photographed otters on many coastlines in Scotland, Shetland for me stands out as some of the best shores for following and accessing otters.

In one day of otter photography you can make great images, however otters are wild animals and to avoid disappointment and to create a portfolio of images it is best if you can do two or more days to give yourself the best chance of success

Photographic workshops normally take place over one tidal period, however it is possible to work two tides a day in the summer but that means a very early start and a late finish (over a 14 hour period). If you wish to photograph two tides in one day rather than book for two days in a row this is charged as a one and half day workshop.

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  • £300 Per Adult
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Shetland Photo Tours

Shetland Photo Tours specialises in nature & landscape photography. Providing unique and dedicated photographic holidays for individuals and small groups. Shetland Photo Tours is run by Richard Shucksmith, a photographer and ecologists whose images have won many awards. Richard’s ethos is about getting the photographer in the right place at the right time. To get the best from the subject and the light, to create beautiful inspiring images. Including otters, killer whales, puffins, gannets, seals, red-necked phalarope plus many more and Shetland dramatic seascapes.

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We are open all year round, for individual and group tours ranging from one day to multiple days/week-long tours.

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