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Writing thankyou letter to JK Rowling using feather Quills

The Complete Potterhead, a private 8 hour Harry Potter tour with lunch & witchcraft in one of JK Rowling's beloved old town cafes

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January — December

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Learn how Rowling conjures inspiration. Discover how to use setbacks as a piston to power you on. Explore the techniques of Rowling's storytelling mastery. ☞ Making JK Rowling's work strategies & mindsets shine.

An all-day tour, stopping for lunch in either Rowling's beloved Elephant House cafe or Spoon, the cost is comparable or less than Edinburgh pub meal prices.

One pilgrimage tradition is to leave messages* to Albus Rowling, thanking her for the impacting she has had on our lives (some folk also scribble on the walls, but then they also get their mail delivered by folk driving wheeled iron boxes).

So we may write those using a feather Quill and ink, or compose a new song for frog choir, professor Flitwick (the Dwarf) conducts them in the Prisoner of Azkaban whilst it's snowing.

We may also attempt some beginners Charms, adding properties to objects. Although we'll have to be careful to right them or we could get smacked by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, you would not believe how cross Arthur is with me after last time.

We'll see perhaps 50% of the interesting sights in Edinburgh's gothic old town and go inside the Museum of Scotland.

If possible we'll go inside Scotland's fabulous Old Parliament hall, 'Edinburgh's Wizengamot', and examine how Rowling weaved British history into the wizarding world.

We might venture into the bowels of the bank of Scotland HQ, alleged to by the inspiration for Gringotts, to see 200,000 gold galleons (equivalent) and pull the goblin's ears. If you've got any Polyjuice potion on you we'll rob the place.

The spine of the tour is Rowling's hardships and how she overcame, as such it's a dark, gritty, mostly serious tour.

What we'll do:

  • Learn JK's spell to overcome anxiety & writer's block.
  • Rowling's Christianity & spirituality in the wizarding world.
  • The most seductive restaurant there is, The Witchery.
  • How community helped Rowling succeed.
  • The motivation for The Daily Prophet's Rita Skeeter.
  • Inhale the sweet scents at the Witches fountain, where witches cool down after a good toasting, and discover how Rowling weaved the history of the Wizarding world into our Muggle history to add a texture of reality.
  • We'll visit a good few places which can't be fit on shorter tours.
  • Fun lovers can get sorted and keep their wits sharp with an occasional quiz.
  • Lunch in a Harry Potter cafe with Divination lessons, games, Quill writing, charms & more.

And all the stuff of other Potter tours including the cafes Rowling wrote in, the Dark Lord's grave, her honourary graduation. Victoria street, which has many commonalities with Harry's Diagon Alley.

Lengthwise it's like the power of the Elder wand, unknown. It has run upto 6 hours a few times but varies depending upon who wields it.

The more difficulties a person has overcome, the more you can learn from them. This tour has the most stories from Rowling's instructive biography, which I hope will inspire those ready to achieve more.

Create memories that endure.

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The Potter Tour, explore the origins of Harry Potter
24/8 Orwell Place
East Lothian
EH11 2AF

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The Potter Tour, explore the origins of Harry Potter

Edinburgh's longest Harry Potter tours from 2⅓ hours to 8-hour activity tours. Including all the dark stories of JK Rowling's rags to riches story, examining how Rowling overcame hardship.

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Contactable from 08.00 am 🡆 23.20, text, Whatsapp or email prefered.

Private tours with market leading prices. Please text or email me or click contact on my website.

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