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50+ spectacular personalised, flexible small group adventure & specialist interest 1 day & multi-day tours (nature, wildlife, history, walking, culture, whisky, activities, island-hopping, etc.) & routes all over Scotland, including the most spectacular off-the beaten track routes, where large coaches won't travel.




Activity Special Offer

Discount 1:

Student discount: Monday to Friday travel 20% off, September to May.


Discount 2:

Short day tour discount (March to October, as our November to February tours are already discounted accordingly due to the shorter daylight hours): Full day tour is 10 hours or longer. If you tour is shorter than 10 hours, you save proportionally 9 hours = 10% off, 8 hours = 20% off and so on.


Discount 3:
3 days & longer savings

1/2 day discount for 3 days and longer tours, i.e. book 3 days and pay for 2.5 days (October to April)

During October to April get 1/2 day for free if you book a 3 days or longer tours. A 3 day tour will only cost you 2.5 days, a 4 day tour will only cost you 3.5 days and so on. (Please note that this 1/2 day discount does not apply for trips to the Isle of Skye/Loch Ness, as on our 50+ Unicorn tour routes we very much like to show you the very best, most spectacular, unspoilt places away from all the tourist coaches and crowds. There are lots of nicer lochs than Loch Ness. We love touring on the Isle of Skye, however as all other tour operators go there, we like to point out to you that there are 72 other accessible stunning Scottish islands plus the other 52+ routes we offer as well. So yes, we happily take you to Loch Ness or the Isle of Skye, but we won’t be able to offer the half day discount for tours of 3 days or longer).


Discount 4:

Optional free 1/2 day (4 days+) / optional free full day (5 days+) all year round.

On 4 day tours at the time of booking we also offer an optional free 1/2 day, where your group of 7 could opt to take a break from the tour, as our philosophy is that when you have finally arrived at the best places in Scotland, you should have time to soak up the local culture and way of life, for example by walking, taking some local ferries or attractions (whalewatching, castles, whisky), hiring a bike or just relax by the beach, enjoy the mountains or the towns, villages, pubs, cafes or restaurants etc. For each location where you like to base yourself for a free day, we have some more tips and information for you, your tourguide will still stay in the area on that 1/2 day and also loves to make the most of the local outdoors.


Multiple discounts

Multiple discounts are possible from October to March (student discount + 3 days+ 1/2 day discount + 4 days+ free 1/2 day discount)

So if you book a 4 day tour with us (a) you do get 1/2 a day discount and (b) your group of 7 could opt to take a free 1/2 day for themselves – so you are only ending up paying for 3 days, but have 4 days away.


Discount 5:

On 5 days or longer tours at the time of booking we also offer an optional free full day all year round, where your group of 7 could opt to take a break from the tour.


Discount 6:

English, Welsh & Irish reconnaisance trips up to 50% off (October to April).

Reconnaissance trips are currently to places all over Ireland, Wales or in England south of Newcastle in the east and south of the Lake District in the west, where even though we have travelled there many times over the years, we are still learning and improving our tours in these areas as we go along and learn more each time we visit there, for example where at each of the sights and stops is the best place to stop, little local tips, ideas, suggestions, extras and worthwhile hidden secrets, you normally only find out once you have been there a few times, so because we are still picking up on things in our “reconnaissance areas” it is for this reason, that we offer you a 50% discount at a bargain price, should you be interested in tours to Ireland, Wales or England south of Newcastle and the Lake District.

As we do in Scotland on our well-established tours and routes, we are working very hard and passionately to offer you a maximum tour experience every day and to very much aim to offer you a smooth tour, highlight after highlight in these new “reconnaissance areas” as well.

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