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Exclusive Private Aberdeen Tour

Aberdeen - a hidden gem! Scotland's third largest city, only two hours from the Central Belt, offers history and architecture the more discerning visitor will be amazed at.

With a population of 200000, swelled by our students during term time, it has a traditional fishing and farming base but is now also recognised as the capital of Europe’s offshore oil industry. Our granite buildings display the produce from the historic, local quarry, providing the city and, indeed, many well-known buildings throughout Britain and the world, with this beautiful stone. One iconic building, now housing our Local Council, Marischal College, is a 'must see' - showing all the beauty of the stone and the wonder of the craftsmen that carved this beauty back in an age before modern tooling came into being! Aberdeen University, founded in 1495, together with Robert Gordon's University (1992) make this a popular Centre for education for many domestic and international students studying for their degrees for their future. Come and join us as we take you through this wonderful history and architecture that is Aberdeen.

What will be seen/done during the tour:

Our tour itinerary is dependent on our client’s wishes but normally they request a tour of castles, distilleries and Scottish scenery and often a mix of all three.

Duration of tour:

The average tour is for an eight-hour period but we have more local tours of two hours upwards. We can also do longer tours incurring overnight stays if required.

What is included in the tour:

Our tours embrace Aberdeen’s history, architecture, fishing, farming and wonderful scenery. Our varied coastline with fishing villages on sandy beaches, to the rugged rock formations supporting Dunnottor Castle.

Tour departure:

Our tour departure point is Aberdeen, but we also uplift from most other surrounding towns. We uplift and drop off at the client’s respective hotels.

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