Marketing Material Submission Terms & Conditions

Submission of all images, graphics or other illustrative matter (the 'Material')  to VisitScotland for

- upload to the website and/or any other VisitScotland-run websites or

- use in print publications owned by VisitScotland and/or other third party marketing platforms or use in activities on their behalf

is made subject to the following terms and conditions:

The agency or individual (the 'Operator') submitting the Material warrants to VisitScotland that:

  • The Material does not infringe any existing copyright or licence of any third party;
  • The Material contains nothing defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful, and that it does not breach any confidence or invade the privacy of any person and is not in breach of any legislation;
  • The Material does not breach, or risk being in breach of any UK law or other legal duty or obligation owed by the Operator;
  • The Operator agrees that all the warranties and indemnities given in these Terms & Conditions shall survive a termination of the relationship between the Operator and VisitScotland in accordance with the Terms.
  • The Operator shall indemnify VisitScotland against all claims arising out of or in connection with, and, all losses, damages, interest costs or expenses incurred by them, as a result of any breach or alleged breach by the Operator of any of the warranties contained in these Terms & Conditions.

VisitScotland will immediately notify the Operator of any claim from third parties which affects the Operator's warranties and will not compromise or settle any claim without the Operator's consent which will not be unreasonably withheld.

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