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Image: Hen Hoose - Barrowland Ballroom

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The influence of Traditional Scottish Music

Pulsating, vibrant, rousing and… electrifying?!? It's safe to say the traditional Scottish music in the 21st century offers a few surprises. You might think you know what traditional Scottish music is all about, but delve into today's dynamic folk music scene and you're bound to find something unexpected yet wholly captivating. Beware: it's pretty easy to get hooked!

Get involved in a jumping trad music event

Get ready to experience the joys of live music and check out what music festivals and events are live near you. 

The History of Scottish Trad Music

Key Scottish instruments

Instruments are not just tools, they’re carriers of culture, tradition and familial bonds.  Our wonderful instruments produce enchanting sounds of the past and have helped influence many bands and artists throughout the years. Here are some of our most iconic instruments used in Scottish music today. 

Contemporary Scottish Trad Music

Today, traditional Scottish music is not only surviving, but actively thriving. Contemporary artists such as Tuath, Elephant Sessions, Mànran, Capercaillie, Breabach, Hò-rò, and Blazin’ Fiddles skillfully merge traditional techniques with modern innovation, creating a dynamic and evolving musical landscape that resonates globally. 

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