6 of the Best Yoga Retreats in Scotland

Whether you want to deepen your downward dog or find a new space for your savasana meditation, you will not find a more glorious place to do it than Scotland. Just imagine… replacing your gym or laptop screen with lush Scottish landscapes, followed by healthy dinners and meaningful conversations with your fellow yogis.

Whatever your level, yoga holidays in Scotland will replenish, rejuvenate and re-energise your mind, body and soul. Here are some yoga retreat ideas we think you'll love...

  1. Eco Yoga Scotland Argyll

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    A river-side yoga retreat in the sun surrounded by the calming countryside of Argyll might be just what you're looking for. The EcoYoga Centre combines its two passions - sustainable living and yoga in nature. Connect your practice with the land and earth, as you are surrounded by wildflowers and nature. Yoga sessions are followed by river baths, dips in the natural spring water plunge pools or soaks in the hot tub or wooden sauna.

  2. Mountain Yoga Kinlochleven & Wild Yoga Glencoe Highlands

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    Take your mountain pose somewhere new - like the top of a mountain! Relax into a mountain yoga break with Mountain Yoga Kinlochleven and sister company, Wild Yoga Glencoe, to discover the joys of zen yoga, meditation, Chi Gong and mindful mountain walking. There are online classes, workshops and retreats on offer, each with the mountainous Highland landscape at the heart of the sessions.


  3. Kinship Yoga Studio East Lothian

    Kinship Yoga Studio

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    Beach-loving yogi, Sally, brings her expertise and knowledge to an array of yoga classes, workshops and retreats throughout the year, and she is currently offering a programme of online classes from Kinship Yoga Studio in North Berwick. In the past, yoga lovers have enjoyed weekend yoga retreats and beach-themed yoga break scelebrating the beauty and tranquillity of the East Lothian coastline. Say good morning to the world with a sun salutation in the shadow of the Bass Rock!

    Stay up to date on Sally's website and Facebook page for future experiences. 

  4. Body Toolkit Retreats Across Scotland

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    Time to hit the reset button? The Body Toolkit Retreat can really help you kick-start a healthy routine. There are several yoga health retreats throughout the year, offering a combination of powerful techniques to nourish the body and reduce stress. A typical day will involve yoga, walks in the great outdoors, and an organic juice and soup programme that will leave you feeling amazing after six days.

    Keep an eye out for future retreats - several are based at the stunning Cray House in rural Perthshire.

  5. Yoga & Surf Swell Weekend North Highlands

    North Coast Water Sports

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    Explore the north coast of Scotland with this beach yoga retreat weekend! With expert guidance from North Coast Watersports, progress your surfing skills with a weekend of surf sessions on one of Scotland's best surfing beaches. Your days will start with calming beach yoga sessions to keep you in alignment and to help your posture on the board. Chill time will involve exploring castles, watching surf movies with your new buddies, seafood barbecues, beach bonfires, followed by nights at the cosy Melvich Hotel. It really is one of the best yoga and surf retreats on offer!

    Check out the upcoming available dates on their website.

  6. Retreat Scotland UK Loch Lomond

    Loch Lomond Shores

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    Spend a few blissful days at this health & wellness retreat on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Retreat Scotland UK have a range of different accommodation options to suit your personal needs and budget. And once you're settled in you'll be able to switch off and work on your yoga and wellness whilst improving your nutrition too. Whether you fancy a day visit or a longer yoga break, this is a stunning place to relax!


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