Snowsports FAQs

Fancy having a go at skiing or snowboarding in Scotland? It's really easy to get started! If it's your first time, get some lessons at either indoor or artificial ski slopes before you hit the mountain pistes, or get help from instructors at one of the five ski centres. If you live in the UK, it is easy to reach the Scottish snowsports resorts for a day or short break, even at the last minute.

Read our top tips and advice to help you get on your way to snowsport fun!  

The Lecht Ski Centre

© Steven McKenna

Getting started and where to learn

A young learner skier in the freestyle park at the Lecht Ski Centre

© Steven McKenna

Bringing the family and what to wear

Vista sulle Back Corries nel comprensorio sciistico di Nevis Range

Snow conditions and staying safe

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