Bat detective

Using a bat detector we will go looking for bats and other nocturnal wildlife in the local woods

I will collect you from a prearranged location and we will drive to the local woods.

Using a bat detector we will go looking for bats the bats tend to fly close so we should get a good look but as they are wild animals I can't guarantee this. We will also look for other nocturnal wildlife such as owls.

After I will drive you back

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Maart — September

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Tistel Wildlife Guiding

Tomcroy Terrace
PH16 5JA

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  • Pitlochry




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  • Wildlife

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Vanaf £10 Per Persoon £5 Per kind

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Tistel Wildlife Guiding

Informatie over toermaatschappij

Tistel Wildlife Guiding

I do wildlife tours around Pitlochry looking at deer species such as Red and Roe as well as a variety of bird species such as Buzzards and Great spotted woodpecker. Astronomy nights with complimentary hot drinks. Bat tour in the woods using a bat detector and also looking for other night creatures I also do week long camping safaris in the Cairngorms looking for Red and Roe deer, Otters, Red squirrels and Golden eagles just to name a few. On this tour you will be staying in a large tipi style tent and sleeping on comfy camping beds with food made on a wood burning stove.


I don't have set opening times and work around my clients and times change depending on what tours my clients are doing

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